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  1. Stuck between the Glock 17 or 19 by EF. Anyone can tell me if the mags are any different or how they feel in your hands?
  2. https://modernairsoft.com/collections/gun-finder-ar-hk-416/products/416-cqb-elite-full-metal-airsoft-aeg-rifle-by-vfc Is this the way to go?
  3. The avalon is honestly just a well rounded gun. VFC did an amazing job.
  4. If you like Glocks. Get the EF Glock 19 or 17 (17 is better and you are wrong if you disagree)
  5. Yeah I never count anything as "Pre-Upgraded" Because an upgrade is only what you do to it. Get the Carbine one. Best of both worlds
  6. AlecBeach

    new handgun

    As others say. The glock 17 by EF/UM is really good.
  7. Might consider. But I hate the plastic that TM has on their guns. You know. Might just get both!
  8. I love the HK416 but I am also looking towards the M27 just because of it being able to go fullauto. But the 416 is much lighter and easier in case. I run into a CQC situation. What would you guys recommend? I buy because I'm really on the fence! I've been going on tons of sites asking. Thank you!
  9. A great international seller is ModernAirsoft and they might be able to help with Tech work to if you email them. https://modernairsoft.com/products/blowback-nozzle-bolt-for-ghk-g5-series-airsoft-gbb-gas-blowback-standard This might help! Or maybe something else... I'm bad with GBB
  10. Where do you live if you don't mind me asking? I can find a place for you!
  11. So I said screw it and I ordered one. Best gun ever! Getting more mods for it!
  12. You are old jeez. Where could I get one? Know any good retailers? Might grab myself one..
  13. Most likely. Try to go to a local store and ask them about it.
  14. Maybe try a new spring? I'm not great with GBBR's.... Mostly AEG's but maybe you go to a local store and ask about?
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