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  1. Been playing around with the idea of having rails for ironsights on an MP5 platform from First Assault as wellunknown-46.png

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    2. Karinexmachina


      its rails that i have added HK417 sights onto making it high profile. Those arent gonna be the final sights as i need other tools in order to create the sights from the game.

    3. Karinexmachina


      in its current form its a non destructive setup but i will be extending the rails over the existing rear sight block and lowering the rail profile. because having a riser mount for optics to see over the fixed ironsights looks ugly and also because i dont really care about the MP5s

    4. Karinexmachina


      another reason for this is... wearing a face mask and using the guns sights is extremely uncomfortable. so when i have the tools to create the custom diopter and front sight it will be added on this MP5


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