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  1. nooo triggerhappy he didnt have sex or anything of the sort with her, he mearly spoke to her online
  2. He is though wanted to play a few games if he could in mean time
  3. he is currently getting a team of solicitors to try and clear his name but he wants to start playing airsoft again now and was wondering wether the firearms ban would stop him
  4. well you have to be first accused to be then convicted, and he was convicted of grooming even though the "victim" had lied about her age to him and during the trial it emerged that the "victim" had lied to other guys on numerous occasions in the past Amen to you Tackle it happens to too many cases that the real guilty wronguns go free where as the ones who are actually innocent most of the time get locked away
  5. Because as is evident through some of the comments on here anyone accused of a sexual offence must be 100% guilty and the courts would prefer to convict 100 innocent people to catch one person who is guilty
  6. ok well that is your view, but you can be convicted of something if you are innocent the evidence from the "victim" didnt add up and contradicted itself on every level where as my friend was consistant all through his evidence
  7. Hang on guys, im friends with him still because he is actually innocent of the crime for which he has been convicted. I know the ins and outs of the case and I was someone he called as a witness, I would seem that for anyone convicted of a sexual offence then in is guilty untill you can prove you are innocent as is the case with every other offence so dont think the UK "justice system" is perfect as it convicts people where evidence and common sense says the person is innocent.
  8. Yea would have thought so too, well I shall let him know that all should be fine so long as probation/ppu give him the go ahead and maybe to get it in writing from both parties so there is no comeback later down the line should any issues arise. Cheers for the help
  9. Ok, so as long as he gets the yes from probation/ppu there should be no problems?
  10. He was convicted for an alleged sex offence
  11. A friend of mine who used to play airsoft has recently come out of prison and has a lifelong firearms ban we want to know if this includes airsoft or wether it means section 5A firearms ony (live ammunition), He has asked probation and his ppu officer about this and they are sure that he can play airsoft still but will find out for sure but he hasnt heard anything more about it from them so we are just unsure wether or not he is allowed to play it still, any info anyone can give would be appreciated
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