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  1. yeah dont worry my broher said he was just gunna get a glock and an smg
  2. yes i am under 18 actually 14, but my older brother came to visit and has just started airsoft so i let him start a post to find out how you can carry 2 primarys efficiently as i would not consider myself a good enough skirmisher to give him any good suggestions so he wanted some from others he also didn't want a petty argument over site rules i moved house since i last played at combat action but is a really nice field just stop arguing about pointless site rules guestmacey chill and go back to your car forums if you dont want to help as most others have not just picking on you but you really should just calm down liam
  3. yes but how easy is it to put the gun back into the scabbard if it is easy then will defianatly do this

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    near £300 upgraded airsoft sniper 500fps mark but can not go over so 490fps is ok


    saxlingham, norfolk - GB

  5. i think i will probally get a glock 18 but i will bring the m4 and leave it in the respawn thanks everyone if you get any really good ideas feel free to put them down as i will be checking this post regularly liam yes but it could fall out unless i put a strap on i will definalet try this
  6. what i was thinking is a two point sling diagonaly on back with aeg but then have the front end with a buckle and un clip it to creat a one point sling when ever i want to use it and then just carry the vsr with a diagonal sling over top and take it off when ever i am sniping
  7. yeh but my field has a minimum engagment range on guns over 400fps and i dont really want to get another gun yet
  8. i was thinking about using the same way as this guy brain exploder
  9. its just i got caught in a situation when someone got in the minimum engagement range and i couldnt do anything i would get a pistol eg glock 18 but i am not sure i am fully into the sport and my friend gave me these two guns as he never uses them
  10. also how does playing cod have anything to do with wanting to carry two primarys
  11. i dont play cod as i do not have any gaming consoles thank you mister g for being usefull to this chat
  12. because i really like to do sniping but sometimes i also like to do mid range combat as there is a variate of mid distance buildings and woods
  13. i have a vsr10 and an m4 and would like to carry both how do i do this i am very short so carrying a sniper is hard with a sling
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