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    Wells Mb4416, Asg Urban sniper, M9 Berretta,We 1911
    Modified specna arms M4
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    Multicam setup
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  1. Adam2889

    what aeg to buy

    Cheers I did have a good look around seen that it's not a new questio, gonna have alook at the g and g next time I'm in the shop
  2. Adam2889

    what aeg to buy

    Bit new to airsoft got a couple of pistols and snipers and been about 5 times now but not got an aeg, ideally looking at about £150-£200 (not including battery, mags etc) was wondering on people opinions, been looking at nuprol defenders and g and g, also looked at a valken which looked alright for the money but after alittle pointers from people who may have them already Cheers Adam