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  1. Thanks! I managed to unlock it with the anti reversal latch. Now everything is working again.. I finally got to test properly with the new hop up. Sadly I still have the original issue.. so I think I’m best ordering a PTS mag and seeing if they work flawlessly. I can always glue a plastic shim on my other mags to make them work as someone suggested.
  2. I’ve replaced the hop up and fired off a mid cap without any problems. Changed mag.. went to try again and now there’s something else wrong. The motor or gears just make a single click when I press the trigger. Nothing happens and the grip feels warm. Tried two different batteries and still the same
  3. Thanks! You’re right about the arm spring. Just the small o-ring I can’t figure out 🤔
  4. Hi All, I’m assembling my King Arms hop up unit and I’m left with a small rubber o-ring and an extra spring. Does anyone know what these are for? Photo attached! Thanks
  5. Everything Corky said is the same as what I’m experiencing as well. It must be something with these G&P MOTS having a short feeding tube on the hop up
  6. Wow! Thanks Corky 😀 That sounds exactly the same as mine
  7. It definitely clicks in tight so I don’t think it’s the mag release. I’ll send it back to the shop and update the original post when they’ve fixed it for reference. Thanks everyone
  8. There’s no visible damage and I hear the mags click in. They’ll stop working after a couple of shots or sometimes 100 shots. I give it a little push upwards and it works again for a while. I might have to push a mid cap up 2-3 times before I’ve emptied it. The rifle has done this from new, I have opened it to check it over since and can’t see any problems. I’ve only had it for around a month so I’m speaking to the shop about sending it back. Was just wondering if there was an easy fix without having to courier it back? I push the mags directly upwards (not forward or backwards). Even just the bit of upwards pressure when I wind up my hi cap does the trick.
  9. Hi all, I have a G&P M4 MOTS which is having a feeding issue. Randomly whilst I’m shooting, it’ll begin to misfeed until I push the mag upwards in to the magwell. This happens with all mags I’ve tried including the one it came with. Would replacing the hop up unit fix this?
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