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  1. Thanks, I will reach out to him
  2. Make/brand: KWA RM4A1 recoil Any accessories included: N/A Hey airsoftheads, I am looking for a tech (can be anywhere in UK, I don't mind having to pay and wait for shipping) with experience with KWA recoil rifles. I had few who looked at it as first-kwa and... it just didn't go well. The rifle itself has one outstanding issue - the casing exit cover doesn't open either through firing or pulling the handle. Besides that I want it an honest evaluation of the current state (I have no idea what's inside now) and likely some tuneup work on it, make sure it's in top shape, properly sealed etc. Let me know if you know anyone with actual KWA experience! Cheers
  3. You are right mate, that's probably why I posted here just to be proven wrong as my brain goes for the worst possible scenario, and can be very skewed towards it. But cool, thanks for all the help and may your BBs always fly straight :). Hopefully, tomorrow will be a great fun!
  4. Thanks for that Sitting duck! I have a proper gun bag, but it's camo and obviously, well, a gun bag so I was unsure what sort of reaction would that elect. There is no chance of anything sticking out, but the bag alone makes it at least for me clear what's inside. What about moving in some gear, like tac vest or chest rig? Those generally are harder to pack, and will probably draw eyes, or maybe not as back in Poland people didn't react to them at all - they did to seeing a replica but didn't seem to pay much attention to BDU/Alice. And good catch on printing out the confirmation, doing that now :). Well, maybe not so much space as I just managed to shoe it in into the 2nd gun compartment of the tac bag :D. Guess can go full civil, except for the camo tac bag and a black gym bag for the helmet :D.
  5. Okay so as the big day is tomorrow instead of preparing and practising with the gear on I am reading all the horror stories of people who get into trouble for carrying even two-tone replicas in bags. Now I am wondering if it's such good idea to just pack all the gear into my tac bag (don't have sports bag big enough to fit the replica in unless I want to deconstruct it) or to save myself the potential hassle of being stopped/searched/arrested and spring for an uber. Thoughts? Or am I just overthinking it based on internet scare?
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome! And indeed spring has it's charm, where you have to rely on sneaking as your range is, at best, 30meters. And at most you can fire up few rounds in rapid succession before you feel like biting your arm off :D. This was a highend: https://shop.ehobbyasia.com/tokyo-marui-mp5a3-spring-smg.html of our battlefield, as good as springs got :D.
  7. Well, not quite exactly new, I used to play about a decade and a bit ago back in the old country. Different times (and place) though, where most people ran around with springs, and some elite could afford electric replicas which did cost about 1 monthly average salary for the stock RIF alone, mostly plastic one. What I did love about it, and missed since moving on from that town to one without airsoft community, is the thrill, the meeting great people with whom I always had a blast and on top of that it was a great way to stay in shape. So with that in mind, and getting older (oh the thirties) I go unto to breach once more. Got myself a two-tone m16 raider from G&G, seems pretty well reviewed and was 110 quid with quite a few bonuses (and even if I play only 5 games in 2 months, that is very much break-even as rental around Bristol seems to be 20quid/day) like balls, mask etc, some MOLLE vest and pouches and tomorrow evening I am rolling with https://bristolairsoft.com/. I am a bit anxious, never played with electric one before (besides few short skirmishes on a loaner) and it was ages ago, pretty sure that the games here are a whole different beast. But I also can't wait to get back into the fray, so wish me luck!
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