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  1. Stumbled on this whilst looking for spare mags for mine so thought I'd add my thoughts. Overall build quality is, as said above, quite nice. Not made from the same quality of AEG bodies,slightly thicker and courser plastics used, much nicer in hand. All the body parts and pins are a firm slot or push together. No wobbles and no creaks. Internally, I was pleased as well. I wouldn't recommend replacing anything in the trigger box until something breaks. it seems solid. One problem I have had is the hop, the WE model has a running problem where the hop adjustment ring couldn't be turned down enough, and for me, I had the opposite, that the ring couldn't be turned up enough to hop a .25 properly. The issue is that this rn is too long, and hits the sides of he hop unit before reaching the full length of the track. 5 minutes with a hacksaw shortening this piece of plastic and now I have another 30% of adjustment, now can be set skywards if I wished. Changed the rubber out to a green maple leaf, but left the inner barrel alone. Ill be using in CQB so tight bores are a waste IMO. Other problem was installing the FPS restrictor disc. The hard part was removing the nozzle. the pin that holds the spring at the rear of the bolt group was made of rather weak metal, and seemed to be glued in place. Mashed this pin a bit before it finally shifted. Annoyingly there's no good reason for this to be a pin and not a long shaft bolt. Would have been a far better design. I did manage to get this out but it makes me wary of when ill need to do maintenance again. Performance wise has been good, although I am at the end of a can of gas and moving off the Calor refilling Propane system so not sure how much is the gun and how much is still purging the propane. So far I have had to pick my shots, a full auto dump wont happen, possible not even in the heat of summer, but we haven't got to summer yet... For the money, and as an indoor only, hot weather, fancy a change rifle, its more than worth the price tag.
  2. Can’t believe the G19 is still gen3. That’s just lazy. Also so how is the V10 still a resin model!
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