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  1. Thanks everyone for getting back to me. So I manged to get hold of the company last night. And if they brought the price down to £100 would more people be interested? They have finally told me more information about the site in question. The site is near Dover, and as had airsoft played on it previously. (does anyone know of any site down that way, I normally only play around hertfordshire) But not to this extended, normally landmarc/MOD only let people play one main area of site. However, they are telling me that the entire site will be opened up and from what I am told the site is huge and as mentioned perviously will include, house to house, killhouse, woodland, CQB techniques training given by members of the UKSF group. but yet I dont have names, I have been told that ex-members of the SAS will be present. alongside serving paratroopers. also there will be many different traders throughout the weekend, I can only assuming we are taking the normal guys: ASG, Nuprol, Viper, Vortex, etc. The Direct support will all be paid staff so I can only assume this is where the cost is coming from in terms of scenarios what would you guys like to see/do? they are talk about doing a missions based on current events i.e chemical attacks simulation, world war 3 but I am not sure these will work.
  2. I fully understand where everyone is coming from. As mentioned I am pretty much the middle man as the company dont really know about this forum. So I will feed back your thoughts to the company and get back to you all.
  3. i can completely see you are coming from. I will feed back to the company and see if I can get them to drop the price a bit.
  4. Hi guys and girls, I have been in talks with a company who are looking at creating a quarterly milsim event in the south east of England. Now we are not talking your average milsim event but something on the possible scale of 300 people for a two day event, starting on a Friday and finishing on Sunday. The event will be held on a current military training ground/area, which will have CQB, room clearance and woodland (currently I am not a liberty to say where the event will be held). They are looking to bring in various Airsoft traders and food throughout the weekend. The company is looking at a price of around £200 per person. This may seem steep but the company has informed me that there will be current serving members of the Armed Forces and also some Ex Special Forces personal from various Forces. (i.e we are talk guys which have been involved in some very public events throughout their career). Based on the information above, would any body be interested in an event like this?. The people who are looking at setting it up are all Ex Forces so they fully understand what us Airsofters would like but they don't wont to fork up the money if there is no interest, as they are looking at spending thousands of pounds to make what would possible be the most realistic milsim event in the UK.
  5. I have never used WC but looking through the website it always seemed very suspect to me. Everything was jumbled up and I doubt anyway could make heads or tails of it. I am glad that it is gone, at least this way people wont be screwed over (as much) anymore. Now we just need to make more people aware of our classifieds as at least it will be ran correctly.
  6. At most of the sites I have played qt there is an unwritten rule which is if someone asks your colour, either tell them or keep quiet. But don't lie about it as it is unsportmen like and as mentioned above this is a honour game.
  7. I have been a member of many different forums over the years however each end up failing due to them stagnating over the years. However looking at the above post it looks like this forum will keep going as we are willing to move it along. And stop it from stagnating.
  8. Tracer

    UKARA Valid period

    Thank you. I have no plans to stop play, if anything I need to play more. Once every couple of months is just not good enough
  9. Tracer

    UKARA Valid period

    Just a quick one. I received my UKARA number today (bye bye bank balance ) however I noticed on the email that it stated it is only valid for one year. After this year do you need to reapply or is it a case that if you dont use it i.e purchase any RIFs that you will be removed from the database?
  10. Hi everyone, Just thought I would quickly introduce myself. I am a 27 year old, who only 1 year ago knew absolute nothing about airsoft (and I mean nothing never even heard of it). But lucky my best mate took me to a skirmish for my stag do, well what can I say I have since never looked back. I have been so many nice people through this sport both male and female. every event day people are willing to help out us noobs. So to all the new players, if you dont understand something ask 99% of people will explain it to you. And do forgot to call those hits.
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