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  1. Thanks mate, I will keep this in mind. For the time being I'll have to shoot when the wind stops Or at very close ranges lol
  2. You definitely will mate! That is very close one to me.
  3. I did honestly think this was what all PB guns were like I did notice that everyone's trajectories were slightly better than mine. Yes it's stock internally and I don't think I want to play with the internals as I am a legit noob. The only gun I've ever fired 6mm BBS out of are the old spring pistols but hey ho maybe I'll change my mind later down the line. Thanks for the tip, I wouldn't have given that a second thought. I think I'll only ever buy .20s, though as I heard the heavier ones are for sniping etc? I have amassed a fairly decent sized collection of ammo which is all .20
  4. This, I actually considered and was one of the main reasons of buying a personal primary rather than renting. I know it fits me, I'm familiar with the operation and I know the sights are now zeroed. The main reason for not continuing with paintball was the fact that rental guns sucked! The only thing I have to worry about now is the chrono, taking it to sites I suppose. Thanks for the welcome and this info. When you say Fireball Squadron is "elite" what exactly do you mean?
  5. Nice one, cheers bud. I wanted to get a players recommendation rather than find out the hard way, so thanks again everyone and I feel a lot less self conscious now about my girly-man gun ...not that I'm against the wimmins
  6. *sigh* why is every hobby I get interested in like this lol Wolverhampton
  7. I think that would be classified as an RIF ...It is sweet though, although I'd prefer a 19 for comfortab...hey! I don't want to buy anything else for a while, stop it
  8. That is a good point. I took it out in the garden for a plink (and to see if it works) and I am fairly impressed with the accuracy and consistency of fire. Although I did have an issue when I tried to load the high cap mag (never even heard of these before) with 15 BBS
  9. Thanks everyone for your replies, I was at work so couldn't get back to you. Great reception to be honest, this is the first airsoft forum I came to and I think I've made the right choice FYIs the gun is two tone blue, and doesn't look that bad to me, tbh! However I was under the impression (after looking for a very long time) that should I become registered UKARA or even just deem myself as having a valid defence (UKARA is proof, but not necessarily a license)... Then I can change the colour to whatever I need. (I'm sure I'll be corrected here if I'm mistaken). I do not have kids but I do like some of the setups I've seen on some of the airsoft AR15s Oh yeah and I dislike COD and never played CS, hopefully I don't disappoint too many people here saying that
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. And by "judged by other players" surely you mean..... Positively?
  11. Hi all I'm new, from the West Mids and looking to get into the sport. Having not taken advice off of many people I've ended up with a two tone AEG! Can anyone recommend sites by me that will not look down on me and my childrens painted gun and also perhaps rent out to any buds that tag along? Cheers!
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