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  1. Tested these yesterday @ Tech Brigade in Hertfordshire, must have been close to 30 degrees. A few other players had fogging issues. The goggles were flawless, bone dry even with all the sweat and heat. I cannot recommend these enough, so glad I've found a solution to fogging that doesn't involve mesh :)
  2. I don't think they have the same rating as the bolle goggles, they seem to be rated to a higher military spec. The goggles I suggested are z87.1+ rated, here's an article giving some info about exactly what that means https://nationalsafetyinc.org/2010/04/27/ansi-z87-and-z87…-what’s-the-difference/ I've shot them at virtually point blank range with a 500fps sniper (chronoed) multiple times and they performed well. It marks the plastic but that's about it. I'm happy with that, most shots are with lower fps guns at 10m+
  3. Great opportunity to 3d print a proper mount for the fan. I've seen people attach scoops to the bottom vents but can't them for sale, would also be a great job for 3d printing!
  4. Yup it's setup to extract through the top, actually a step I missed out was cutting larger vents in the bottom which improves the airflow upwards through the goggles.
  5. Being the sort of person that over heats easily I naturally fog up my goggles after 10 mins of game play, hot or cold weather it doesn't matter! I've tried a few types of goggles, thermal ones, mesh (find it hard to see properly) and even a Wide-i magnetic wipe, which is fantastic but once I'm fogged I'm wiping every 30 seconds. Got fed up playing like this and went looking for another solution, proper fan goggles are expensive and the cheap ones don't carry the ANSI z87.1+ rating I wanted. So I made my own; Tools needed: Hot glue gun Super glue Razor blade Shrink wrap Lighter Parts: ANSI z87.1+  Rated safety goggles, I bought two and tested one at point blank with a 500fps sniper. Clear safety goggles, just for some spare rubber to graft onto into open areas. Evercool 25mm 2.5cm 25 x 25 x 10mm 3 pin 12 Volt PC Case Fan PP3 9V battery connector clip 1. Remove vent from top of goggles 2. Cut a 25cm x 25cm hole where the vent was 3. Place fan in this space and using super glue task the corners, allow to dry. ENSURE FAN IS EXTRACTING AIR BEFORE GLUING. 4. Measure the connector and fan cable length to ensure it's the correct length to reach the battery 5. Slide the shrink wrap over the longer cable and connect the terminals, positive and negative connect to to their respective colours, if in doubt connect up before finalising. 6. Connect wires and move the shrink wrap over the connections, using the lighter heat the shrink wrap. 7. (optional) use more shrink wrap to cover length of wiring 8. (optional) Cut small squares from the cheap safety goggles and place these over the vent holes 9. Using the hot glue gun fill in any open spaces, pay attention to edges of the fan, screw holes in the fan 10. Tack wiring in place 11. Place 9v battery in left strap loop If anyone attempts this please post your results
  6. Rogerborg, thanks for keeping us updated with your build! I'm sure quality control is non-existent at the lower end of the market, as I mentioned in my first post my Well was hitting almost 500fps out of the box, how can it be you're getting such wildly different numbers with the same gun? Have you tried filing down the stock hopup arm to make sure the H nub is even? That seemed to work for me. Accuracy is pretty good with the odd flier I'm putting down to a poor quality barrel. Keep up updated with how the build is going...
  7. I didn't know the hopup unit wasn't VSR compatible but that makes sense, the Maple Leaf bucking was a little bulkier and wouldn't work with a bridged barrel. With a little modification I bet I could make it fit but as things are working sweet atm I'll leave it! That's a great price, I paid about £70 for mine. Yeah for that price it can be an experiment! Post back any mods you make and let us know how sucessful you've been
  8. I can't seem to find out from eBay which one I bought but I think it was a harder one, possibly even 80. The problem for me was the bucking didn't sit properly in the hopup unit like the bucking that came with the rifle. I'll probably end up trying an Action Army bucking soon, I'll post the results when I do. Out of interest which rifle do you have? Is it your first sniper? I read some discouraging comments about sniping that nearly stopped me buying one but I'm glad I did it's an absolute blast having that extra range and accuracy, ive had my most satisfying kills behind the scope
  9. Yeah sure, I've attached a really bad quality image to illustrate what I mean. The red section is where I wrapped plumbers tape. Just enough so when installed there is no movement laterally. You don't want to much tape otherwise the hopup unit won't reassemble flush. I'm using stock rubber atm. I tried Maple Leaf autobot rubber but it seemed to big for my hopup unit and I was shooting around 50 fps lower. Something just didn't seem right about it so I put the old rubber back in. Luckily it still works perfectly even though I removed the barrel bridge to fit the Maple Leaf. Hope that helps you Rogerborg
  10. Hey all, I bought a cheapie Well MB03 VSR clone to see if I liked sniping enough to spend more £££. I was pleased with my purchase as the Well had half decent build quality for the price, seems you get a lot of gun for £70. Power was almost spot on 500fps with 0.20's but the accuracy was a bit off. Grouping OK but always curving to the left. I played for a bit by twisting the rifle but this got frustrating. Here's a list of mods I made to get it shooting straight: 1. stripped down completely and barrel properly cleaned 2. wrapped the barrel in tape to create a good bushing and ensure it's centered 3. shimmed the hop up arm by wrapping the last 1/6 past the arms with plumbers tape this method prevents the full range of hop up but I can still lift 0.45's with it 4. ground the hop up arms to ensure both arms were equal heights, astonishingly one side was a mm or so longer this had the biggest effect Hope this helps some of you with the curvy Well MB03's!
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