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  1. Oh noes! The Mall is closing Thanks a lot for the tips! I will do my best to checkout some of those places and read those reviews
  2. Sorry for not answering sooner... I had missed the notification. I'm based in central London. I've done my first game in Bunker 41. It was alright but as expected too packed. Looking to go elsewhere but the offering in London is not great as far as I can tell. And without a car, it can take a while to get to sites 😕 I want to give "The Mall" a try though.
  3. If anyone is ever interested, I ended up playing it safe by mailing the Airsoft gun to someone in the UK who is UKARA registered. Turns out the package wasn't checked at all but at least it was done right.
  4. Thanks. I did see a lot of comments around that being UKARA registered wasn't a necessity but it would make it easier to prove my defense. I have taken part in countless airsoft games for the past 9 years in France but I don't have a single receipt. I may have a few photos in which my face would be recognizable but would that be enough? I absolutely intend to play airsoft in the UK. To avoid trouble at any cost, I have decided to turn my airsoft gun into a two-toned imitation firearm. I will have my other guns sent to me when I am UKARA registered.
  5. I was careful and was clear about wanting to fully comply with the law Looks to me like UK Border Agency is more for Visa and Immigration purposes :/ Hard to find a clear answer as to who contact about this matter I was following the link here https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/hm-revenue-customs/contact/customs-international-trade-and-excise-enquiries
  6. I have just emailed HM Revenue & Customs, not sure it's the right people to contact about this. Thanks for the info Corky2010. The gun would actually be entering the UK through the Eurotunnel in the moving van of a moving company. And thanks Gepard, this is actually where I got the idea of painting parts in orange, I didn't remember where I read that ^^ Probably it is best I warn the moving company that the gun will be in there.
  7. In France, we have no restriction (so far) in owning a realistic looking gun. I will try emailing UK customs...
  8. It will be coming in a moving company's truck and through the eurotunnel. I wasn't planning on telling the moving company as I thought they might not understand. And to my knowledge I wouldn't be doing anything illegal as long as the gun was two-toned. But the more I think about it, the more I'm thinking I should wait and have it sent to me when I am UKARA registered... I don't like taking a risk with my moving.
  9. I have no return date. That's why I thought I would need a defense as I would be importing a RIF. So I tried turning it into a IF. And I'm hoping I was successful in doing so.
  10. Well my understanding is that I would be importing the RIF from France into the UK and doing so would be illegal without defense which I don't have.
  11. Thanks, I will paint a grip in orange and probably give the rest another coat.
  12. Hi all, I'm new here. But I've been an airsoft skirmisher in France for close to 10 years (and I was playing with airsoft guns years before that). Now because of work I'm moving to London and I would like to take my airsoft gun with. From what I read, to comply with the VCRA, painting my airsoft gun in a bright color should keep me out of trouble in case the border force inspected the moving truck. But the question is, is it enough? Obviously I wanted to avoid painting the whole thing in orange so I bought spare parts that I painted. I will swap back to the old parts as soon as I have my UKARA. Thanks all. Looking forward to meeting you in the field in the UK Full disclosure: I've posted this on a couple other forums. My move is really soon and I'm a little freaked out about this. I only found out about VCRA a few days ago.
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