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  1. Haha I thought that before. Get the the field, then "Damn, I forgot to charge my goggles" It's been done with ski goggles. But they have a ballistic lens...
  2. This post is less of asking for advice and more asking if anyone has tried an idea I had. So fogging is hot air from breathing and sweating condensing on cold glass/Plastic. I thought of putting an electric hand warmer I have in my goggles case, that way when I put them on they will be warm so the air won't condense. Yes they'll cool down but surely it'll help at first and cooling down to your body temperature rather than warming up from being cold will surely help release some condensation?? Has anybody tired this? I've not had a chance to give it a go yet
  3. Funnily enough I found one about an hour after my post haha
  4. That answer pretty much sums it up haha. Thanks
  5. Inform me if I'm being stupid and there is an abvious reason. But why is there no cylinder and cylinder head all in one's? If you need a good seal between the cylinder and head, with some people glueing them in, why isn't there a single solid piece that is the cylinder and the head, that way the air can't possibly escape or the head come loose? Edit: just realised it would be pretty hard to manufacture out of a sturdy material like metal. Would that be the only reason? I'm just wanting to gain an understanding of everything
  6. haha great film, and yes i live in cheshire... don't tend to see many m4's though
  7. i did think that is probably the reason, but i thought someone might have made one with a plastic lining or something
  8. do real guns have plastic grips too? (I'm english we don't have guns) haha
  9. The only part of my gun that is plastic is the pistol grip and the stock. I know it would be heavier, but is there no metal pistol grips for m4 AEG's? I can't find any, i think it would be sturdier and more authentic. If you know of any, do tell.
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