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  1. Is it possible that because my gun isn't rewired to take lipo's and i use a converter piece instead and that could be messing up the power input? sometimes i have to fiddle with the converter wires or it doesn't shoot. I think that my gun could be jamming because its not getting enough power to cycle through before my next shot. But i don't want to get it rewired until i can get my hands on a mosfet as i want all my upgrades done in one go. Could that be my problem?
  2. Here is a video of the problem
  3. the thing is i dont actually know what the diameter should be to fit. I only got the nuropol 7.4 1450 lipo stick because i saw a guy in a youtube video have it for his tm hk416.
  4. is it 1350? i can only find either 1300 or 1400 on fire supports website
  5. Its fine to ask and yeah i think it might of been the one you just plug into straight from the plug. I'll buy a new battery and see how it goes. I used the nuropol 7.4 1450 lipo stick because thats the only battery i know that fits in the stock. Does anyone have an other recommendations?
  6. I use a balance charger and it was always fine. The one time I got a friend to charge it for me with whatever charger he had, it puffed up.
  7. The battery is puffed up twice the size it used to be it looks like it's about to pop. Also if I try playing in full auto it gets jammed aswell. It would start of fine in full auto and then it's like the gun isn't getting enough juice so itsl starts slowing down and gets stuck. Also if I take the mag out about 2-3 bbs always falls out as if the bbs get jammed aswell. I'm using .28s nuropol bbs.
  8. does the spectre mosfet that is made for the TM recoil have that same feature? I never seen any other videos of people having jams
  9. it was happening very often and yeah its if i didnt pull the trigger all the way or shoot to fast sometimes. Im hoping to get a mosfet to fix that as its very annoying.
  10. I don't understand why but my gun keeps jamming or something because i would shoot in semi at a normal pace bringing the trigger back all the way and still it jams so i have to switch to full auto, cycle it a few times and then switch back to semi. This constantly kept happening all day today. Could it be a battery problem as when if i did full auto it will sound very crisp and after every shot slowly get slower. I took out the battery and it was slightly puffed could that be the reason this happened? And would buying a fresh battery fix this issue and also will a mosfet make sure it cycles fully so it never jams?
  11. Thanks for the help guys I'll probably be ordering it from that website.
  12. I don't mind getting it shipped I meant as in anyway to get one in the UK by getting it shipped from somewhere in Europe or a shop here that's my bad. I know evike has them but getting anything shipped from America has a high tax
  13. Just like the title says. I am having a very hard time find this gun as its either discontinued on most sites or out of stock.
  14. I will have a word with them thanks.
  15. I really like the look of the Krytac LOVA-S and have heard alot about it. I've been wanting a really top notch gun and I have been looking at the umbrella armoury upgraded one but everyone says it's over priced. Is there any companies in the UK that can do dsg builds for cheaper or the full set of upgrades exactly how umbrella armoury has?
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