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  1. hindsight for me. Unfortunately I didn’t know, and was a private sale so.. fingers crossed if it does get destroyed it was the cheap one as there’s also still one missing!!!
  2. Sporting guns and components allowed to be sent magazine is a component but I guess we will need to wait and see. shower of bastards
  3. It says sporting guns and components are allowed. 1 is being held at stanstead airport. The other isnt coming up on any list. But got one delivered this morning. Bizarre.
  4. Bought 3 pistols privately. Guy sent them Royal Mail signed for. Check tracking one is being tested for being a prohibited item. Only thing sender can think is may be the gas magazine. Are the going to destroy the whole parcel or what. Will it be at the local sorting office for testing or what. I’ll be raging if it’s destroyed. Cheers
  5. Dunno. As i said bit of lube on both threads. Gentle loosening and tightening and wrnt on after a while. Maybe gunked up threads
  6. Some abbey lube a cleab and on and off a few times and its on a treat.
  7. It does go on a few threads without any issue. If it was wrong thread then surely it wouldnt go on at all.
  8. Tried to fit suppressor to my kc02. Only threads on 1 or 2 threads if that. Any reason for this.
  9. Well here she is and i must say she is a beauty. will need a few things changed but all in due course.
  10. It was more for opinions of experienced players. Their take on them and experience either playing with or along side.
  11. The ones ive seen arent hugely obvious. Im sure the snipers with the big scopes can pick them out pretty easily ming you.
  12. Defo. Some two toned mixed with custom paint can be better than replicas
  13. Unless it was my government pay rise then get it wrong up the way
  14. Do the count the mag as part of the gun as it can easily be swapped. The rest looks like after add ons. But hey it’s a picture who really cares
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