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  1. Hello, I've recently upgraded my VFC Avalon Gladius, I will list the parts below. However I have noticed two issues with it, the gun is double feeding often and the motor, wires and battery is getting very warm. Can anyone help? 6.03 prometheus tight bore maple leaf hop rubber shs high torque motor gate titan lonex high speed gears AOE pad/correction nuprol air nozzle shs full metal teeth piston double o ring cylinder head m95 spring delayer chip element hop up unit
  2. Hi, I currently have a 11.1V 1450mAh 30C LiPo at home, would I be ok to use this in the VFC gladius or would I need a different battery?
  3. It has had a custom GATE mosfet installed on it so I know the upper receiver has come off before, just not sure why I cant get it off :/
  4. Paint does look quite 'artificial' in that pic but its the hunters green version of the gun so paint shouldn't affect it
  5. This is what the other side looks like, just still not moving at all
  6. It's closed mate and its still not moving an inch, no clue why
  7. Yeh the pin closest to the hop is popped out but it just isnt moving an inch at all
  8. Hello, Trying to disassemble my GC16 Predator, I have the stock and hand guard off but I cant get the upper receiver to slide off. Both pins are punched out as seen in the pictures however it is not moving whatsoever. Anyone know why?
  9. Hello, Would a Firehawk take an 11.1V LiPo, 1450mAh, 30C?
  10. Yes, the front pin is out but the upper section of the gun isnt sliding off
  11. Hello, Would any be able to tell me how to fully disassemble a G&G predator, I've looked for tutorials and cant find anything. So far, I can get the front handguard off and I push out the large pin located just in front of the mag well but the upper receiver doesn't seem to budge. Thanks.
  12. Hello, Would anyone know how I would go about fixing this? Thanks in advance.
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