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  1. I believe they are doing things as invite only. I've been extended an invite to their next game...think I will likely decline.
  2. Has anyone seen the review/response video from Tim of The Heresy Group? He says he was fine with the folded knife kills. But then what do you expect from a guy that done a gearbox strip down video and said "don't lose these washery things" in reference to the shims. Oh, and let's not forget the promo vid for their training event in which they stumble over, fumble mags and bash their muzzles into everything.
  3. Battle Lakes is my teams main stomping ground. By far the most professional setup I've been to. Tony, the site manager is a true gent and always willing to help. I can't recommend the site enough.
  4. He has even been on a comment deleting spree on the offending thread, only leaving entries calling the protesters snowflakes or fanboy fluffing. Oh, and banning people from his FB that speak against him (I know because he's banned me). His version of events has changed slightly now, also. So we can see a lack of integrity coupled with his classless, unsporting conduct. He seems to justify the headshots with "snipers go for the head for instant kills." In airsoft, a BB to my little toe is an instant kill. And it's a game, at the end of the day. All I can see is a talented plonker putting others at unnecessary risk for Youtube hits. This sport does not need that being the first thing parents find when deciding whether to let their kids try this sport out.
  5. Hey. I'm based in Gillingham. Me and a bunch of mates are hitting Apocalypse on Sunday if you're available?
  6. Well, it knocked my glasses cock-eyed and felt like being poked in the eye with a muzzle. And the area we were playing probably has ~25m range which is the sniper MED at BL. It will probably be in his part 2 video of the Battle Lakes game. But he is probably still editing out the section where 2 of my team found him, shot the stuffing out of him before he ran away without calling a hit. The boy is classless. Anyway, to return to the point: adapting the Pyramex iForce has worked well enough for me that I haven't felt the need to go to fans.
  7. I have friends who run the old FMAs, some that run new FMAs and one that runs the ESS fans. All work well but you definitely get what you pay for. Newer FMAs are certainly better than old, but ESS are by far the quietest. Personally, I have a set of the Pyramex iForce things. I rarely fog and when I do it clears quickly. Usually occurs if I'm hugging dirt to avoid flying plastic. I tend to give them a good wash the night before each game, and I've opened up the holes with a dremel to maximise airflow. For ~£23 on Amazon, can't go wrong. Even taken a shot in the eye from Kicking Muckstain from what may or may not have been within MED and not left a mark.
  8. DorianW

    side arm

    Where abouts are you based?

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    I'm looking for an upper receiver for a Nuprol SOPMOD. If you can do a complete upper set, even better. Not sure of the value so if you have something to offer we can come to some sort of deal, I'm sure.



  10. I started off with Bollé Cobra's which were ok the first time I played at Red1 Chislehurst. They did take a few dinks due to the closer ranges on that site. My second game at Battle Lakes, the Cobra's were fogging up like you wouldn't believe. Enough to make me come to close to rage quitting. After that I learnt they were fine if you spent the time to treat them properly... wash them the night before the game, microfibre cloth to dab dry, leave a thin layer of fairy liquid on them to dry. I also used an anti-fog spray just before play started. That worked for half a day. Recently bought the Pyramex dual pane goggles for around 23 quid on amazon after seeing the rave reviews on Youtube. Playing the 29th so I'll update. Side note: a friend of mine spent a chunk on Wiley X Spear's. They fogged until he removed the foam on top, which didn't cure it but made it better. He will be using dual pane lenses that cost the same as my entire goggles, so i'll update on that aswell.
  11. Thanks for the replies people. The general consensus seems to be go down the upgrade route and buy a second gun. I had actually been looking at cheaper guns I could get to grow a collection, but convinced myself one decent one was the way to go! I am aware the CYMA is a cheap gun, so how far do I go with upgrades? I mean, am I going beyond the worth of the gun if I stick a warfet and new motor in? And does anyone have suggestions of motors or experience with the warfet?
  12. So I bought a CYMA CM.041b MP5 (from someone that didn't care for UKARA) to get myself started last year and will be getting site membership with Battle Lakes on the 29th, meaning I can finally buy RIFs from retailers. Now, my MP5 has a Madbull 6.03mm barrel and prometheus purple hop rubber inside and it shoots like a laser to the ranges I tend to play at. However, the Swordfish kit that it was running is something I have grown to loathe as it makes the gun very front heavy. When I bought it the flash hider and muzzle adaptor were missing; today I sourced a muzzle adaptor and will run my next game without the Swordfish kit. My question is: do I sell the MP5 to try to fund the ASG Scorpion Evo 3 I would love (but is a stretch of the pocket) or do I upgrade the MP5 assuming the reduced weight makes it more manageable? After all, the only 2 things I dislike with the MP5 is the weight and trigger response...so do I just chuck a better motor and a Warfet in there? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  13. My first game I went alone. I'm socially awkward, too, and didn't find it easy to chat while waiting to get out on the field. But once you're out there calling out enemy positions, being asked for support, or just going to respawn with another team mate...the chatting soon happens. You'll find yourself being pulled into squads, or squads with radios splitting amongst you to keep you all in contact. All in all, once you're playing it's a very inclusive sport and all of your hangups will dissipate. Where abouts are you based? You may find other players on here you can tag along with.
  14. Thanks for the advice chaps. I am actually playing at Battle Lakes at some point in February, and will probably play UWG a fair bit as I have friends that go there regularly. Hopefully Red 1 run a day at The Fort, Rochester, in January so I can check that out. That and Darkwater are quite high on my todo list.
  15. Hello all Sounds like a few others here have a similar story: used to run around the woods with mates equipped with springer pistols and crappy electric MP5's. Took to playing a fair bit of paintball and settled at Top Shot in Sheppey (they did military-styled laser tag on the marshland). However, Top Shot has closed but I still want the fix of wargames. So airsoft got suggested and after looking into it I've become mildly obsessed! I've bought more gear so far than i realistically should have including a CYMA MP5 with a Swordfish kit, a plate carrier and some face & eye pro. I'm booked in to Red 1 Chislehurst on 10th December, so if anyone is there give me a shout. Other than that, are there any Kent sites people suggest? I'm based in Medway, so the more central to that the better, but not a requirement. My preference is CQB but I'll play anywhere! Thanks Dorian
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