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  1. Cheesemonger

    First gun buy

    All I can say is buy the best you can with the budget you have, everyone will recommend a TM gun as they have one of if not the best build quality but you'll struggle to get one with a mid budget. I went for and ICS G33 for my first weapon and still going strong after 4 years (with a few upgrades), 1 because everyone and there mum run's M4's an AK's, 2 there a great mid range gun straight out of the box. Just remember at the end of the day it will be your weapon and you'll want to feel comfortable with it in games.
  2. Cheesemonger

    Doting dad

    Hi and welcome to the fold, just remember airsoft is like having a new baby, you'll never see a fiver again for a while as the'll always be something that catches your eye that you'll just have to have, hehe
  3. Cheesemonger

    Where did I put.....

    It's funny how small item's just suddenly disappear without trace, I myself have been looking for my daughters front A post sight for over 4 months without any luck, you always tell yourself you'll put it a safe place (too safe of a place) so maybe we should just throw these item's on a random side etc and we'll always find them (so the wife says) I will also bet that IF you brought a new 1 you will find the old 1 in seconds, hehe