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  1. Spraying is so much fun I’ve done walls and stuff before some commissions but most were uummm let’s say not so commissioned lol did you see my other thread of the guns I painted for my mate eccentric to say the least but still cool
  2. Thanks guys wanted something different but camo painting is my thing possibly better at it than I am airsoft lol painted some other requests a while ago on my other thread
  3. Finally got my first rifle recently as opposed to borrowing all the time lol I hand painted it and I’m happy with the outcome and wanted to see what everyone thought?!?!? Also purchased my first gas pistol a classic m1911 so happy
  4. Thanks man love how the tiger stripe turned out thinking two tone tiger stripe for my next project, the logo was hard to do on such a small scale but really enjoyed doing it
  5. Think it is the lighting as in person it’s nowhere near as shiny but do think that is an issue so may have to wet and dry over the clear coat to take the gleam off to give it a Matt effect but thank you for the feedback yours looks fantastic also what you think to the tiger stripe it was for my mate who wears blue and black tiger stripe jeans to airsoft sometimes now he has a gun to match lol
  6. Thanks man it is a little the lighting but not as shiny in person thinking about wet n dry over the clear coat to take some of the gleam off. Very happy with how the tiger stripes turned out thanks for the feedback
  7. Hi guys just wondering if I could get your opinion on a couple guns I’ve been working on recently for people as painting is my thing but airsoft might be as I’m going for the first time soon appreciate any feedback good or bad thanks
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