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  1. Good call, I've just bought one to try out, a baby pistol sized one though. Still cost a few too many quids for my liking.
  2. Can't really imagine what that would look like.
  3. Motorbike or Rifle? I'd love a Lee Enfield sniper rifle...... hmm - now you've got me thinking - back to the classifieds!
  4. That rings a bell, I've not played since my two were born, so probably a few more years until i can take them 'softing.
  5. How young can I start my kids to go airsofting? 7?
  6. I'd love to invest in a peli, but can't justify the huge price tag, even for second hand.
  7. I started 18 years ago as a youngster and ended up with a vast array of pistols and rifles. It got to the point where it was taking up a full bedroom in my house. Had to scale back, so just got the four now, but it's creeping up again.
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