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  1. Eddairsoft

    HK USP Tactical holster

    Just checked that out, may be a good option
  2. Eddairsoft

    HK USP Tactical holster

    Hi guys, im looking for a paddle holster preferably that can be molle mounted for a USP Tactical. i've tried a asg usp holster but the tall tactical sights prevent it from fitting. Any ideas where I can get hold of one specific for the tactical? Thanks
  3. Eddairsoft

    Which M203?

    Thanks for the advice, I take it the shells are pants then?
  4. Eddairsoft

    Which M203?

    Hi guys, im looking for advice on which make of m203 is a good one to go for. it must be rail mount and I would ideally like it with the barrel holder that goes around the m4 barrel notch if that makes sense? Thabks for the help as always