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  1. kiffer_the_1

    ICS MP5 a4 with tourch hand guard

    Time Left: 5 days and 20 hours

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    this has a metal upper receiver, torch has a LED 600 lumens bulb the pressure pad works perfectly. it has just come back from sam at KOA having had a full gearbox rework new SHS full steel teeth piston, new piston and Cylinder head, Airlab 70d sorbro, brand new VFC mosfet, new bushes and G&P gears. Systema blue motor 6.04 stainless steel inner barrel with flat-hopped Systema bucking comes with 5 metal mid-caps 100rds and a vaypex 11.1v 3300mah 20c lipo


  2. kiffer_the_1

    G&P M4 cqb upgraded

    Time Left: 5 days and 20 hours

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    this has just come back for sam at KOA given a full service, its been upgraded with a BTC Spector Mosfet, Lonex 16/1 short-stroked gears, SHS swiss cheesed full metal teeth piston, lonex piston head and cylinder head, Airlab 70d sorbro. Motor is a Element ultra torque motor with AA pinion hop unit is a prowin with systema bucking flat-hopped and PDI 6.08 inner barrel. fires at 345 FPS trigger response is amazing and is accurate at long range also comes with 2 14.8v 650mah 75c batteries that fit in the stock


  3. kiffer_the_1

    Haley Strategic D3CR with flatpack

    Time Left: 5 days and 20 hours

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    this is a Haley Strategic D3CR chest rig in Coyote comes with the original H-harness as well unknown make flatpack in Coyote these are in perfect condition used once


  4. kiffer_the_1

    TM High-capa 4.3 with 5 mags

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    this has been upgraded with a Elite Custom tight bore inner barrel 6.02 and a Nine ball air-seal hop rubber, functions perfectly mags all gas tight and feed no problems there is paint removal from torch mounting and holstering and some scratches on the slide and lower receiver. the front sight was removed for holstering and cant find it now comes with 5 TM 4.3 mags and a Strike Systems pistol case