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  1. I have made it better (design and features wise) and offering it for a decent price compared to most other commercial products and that's my selling point. If anyone is interested have a look on the website!
  2. That is actually a nice point of view. But if the site has a bomb prop with radiocontroller and fireworks that doesn't sound too bad isn't it?
  3. So what would you suggest me if I wanted to start a business like this one? And maybe later design new products. Thanks for your time by the way.
  4. Wow. Did you also make that little RC vehicle? What does it do?
  5. That sounds nice. I also have another idea. So basically yeah what happens when they see the money it takes to make it? I understand why they change their mind but what about event organizer or owner of gaming sites?
  6. The thing is that I am considering selling worldwide so I don't see why are you guys only thinking about UK market. I am sure I can do more sells worldwide.
  7. You really made me laugh haha. Thank for your suggestions. I am thinking to make some money with it and then produce new different products that are not available usually. Like a remote controlled gun on a tripod and so on. Basically I want to open a business that produces items not yet available on the market. But this needs to work out first. How come police might be interested in buying one? Also they probably want it to be CE certificated isn't it?
  8. For who is interested I have just released the first base model inspired a bit by CS:GO. . Link: https://theairsoftvalise.altervista.org/product/base-valise/
  9. What about individual groups of friends. Usually those are the ones that contact me to buy.
  10. Hi everyone. I hope this is the right place were to write this and I hope it is not considered as spam. I know how many people would like to improve their games by creating a timer alarmed device so I have come across a solution and I am currently starting my little business. As I am just starting it the orders will take a bit longer to process but every order will be fulfilled so I hope this is not a problem. Please check out my website frequently or my Facebook page for news about my products. We are going to start take orders very soon so don't miss out on promotions. WEBSITE: https://theairsoftva...altervista.org/ Pelican Model (Available) . Link: https://theairsoftvalise.altervista.org/product/pelican-valise/
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