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  1. Hi all, unsure if this is the wrong place to place this, if so please direct me to the correct subforum. I have the SWAT VTG timed grenade, has seen some heavy use but I've lost the 'brass bullet valve' (pic attached) that goes beneath the arm. According to their website this is lost a lot and they have a lot of replacement parts for it in stock. I've got no problem paying the asking price for this but the only shipping available is £9 I refuse to pay £9 shipping for a tiny piece of metal, almost the cost of the item itself and they have ignored all my emails requesting if there is another way to dispatch this and no one answers when I try and call. Originally when I was looking into BFG's it was a toss up between this and the Dynatec, if I'd known the service and that was easily lost pieces that cost this much to replace I would have gone with the Dynatec as they're similar prices. The SWAT takes 12 gauges which the Dynatec does not but on the same blanks the Dynatec just sounds louder. My main point/query - aside from warning people of this huge design flaw- is to ask if anyone knows what these 'valves' actually are, if they're proprietary, or if I can get them elsewhere. I will otherwise buy a new Dynatec I expect.
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