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  1. Quick update on this i went ahead and installed a prowin with an extended madbull barell when i checked the original barell was also a 6.02mm just a shorter lengh was a pistol barell same lengh as a m92L. I changed the bucking gave it a few wraps of dental floss then ptfe around once it was all together and put a few o rings on the barell up to the hop. Chronos at 349-352 every single time now with .20 so its made a vast improvement. Iv also used it a few games the prowin has performed flawlessly no feeding or leading problems at all power is up and range has incre
  2. I gave up in the end took it to be repaired ill post outcome when i get it back thanks all for help
  3. Trigger return spring was replaced today had the sear out looked brand new, didnt try a new one but it was in immaculate condition tried a new trigger bar that didnt cure it either i fully stripped it today made sure it was all okay replaced all springs and its still doing same only part i didnt strip was top slide. Its the gen 1 all one single piece Part 38 i cant see mine has can you forward a link to a real picture of it so i can see what it looks like
  4. tried another trigger bar I have another m92 its brand new arrived Wednesday so I know that ones good and it still did the same so its not that I also tried 3 other magazines including the brand new one and heated the gas up a little and the magazine once full still the same so that rules all those out ill have a look at the video and see what I can work out from it with my m92 cheers bud
  5. cheers buddy thanks a lot much appreciated have you any clue where I could get the trigger thing from might be worth a shot trying a new one ?
  6. hiya all I have a GBB pistol I got second hand that has a problem im wondering if anyone could give me a bit of guidance I haven't had the to take it to a tech, problem is that it fires one or 2 shots then all of a sudden goes a bit mental firing on full auto but not firing any bbs then all of a sudden dumps all gas out the ejection port or barrel. Also had it jam a bbs halfway out the ejection port a few times iv uploaded a video to show you problem I got it second hand I believe its a WE was told try both the positions the safety can be in full open and half way but they both do exact same I
  7. I dont remember about the original tbh buddy im gonna try the new barrel and bucking with the old hop see what happens maybe the bucking and barell will be a improvment anyway
  8. Thanks for the info guys much appreciated! Your right that was my silly mistake i have a HND engineering including maths and physics clearly gone to waste If its close enough at 2.38:1 then ill leave it be for a bit see how it is. I got the prowin off a buddy was still new un used for £5 thats only reason i ended up with that hop iv assembled it all and it seems to feed fine cant comment on air seal What i have noticed is the entrance to the hop where the magszine feeds seems to float around a bit the magazine doesnt always locate properly and click into pl
  9. For reference old 190mm barrel is 22074 cubic millimeters in volume And the new 247mm barrel is 28226 cubic millimeters in volume giving a difference of 6152 cubic millimeters does anyone know the tolerence for this? I can cut the barrel to the correct lengh then to allow for the tighter bore will extend it slightly
  10. Right i took it apart and checked all seals was seated correctly which they did look like they was put it back together and its chronod at 300 with .20 bbs so was a seal or something out its not too far off quoted figure now i can live with that. I have a prowin cnc hop up new bucking and a 247mm python tight bore barrel iv got it all set up just need to swap it over keeping the original intact so i can swap back anytime. Original inner barrel lengh was 120mm i now have a 247mm inner which would go in as iv now got the supressor which has made it loads less noisy the
  11. Did you ever get this set up? Im in a similar position what was the original barrel lengh to begin with? Im planning on going from 120mm to 247mm and im guessing the cylinder wont have enough monkey
  12. In the case of not changing the barrel can you recommend a hop up and bucking combo which would be an upgrade? Its rear wired and i was only testing it out at the time because its easier to get to the stock using the cover i no longer have it
  13. Hi all im fairly new here first post just been reading a lot. I have a dytac solo m4 aeg first rifle that i used for first airsoft game saturday overall im very impressed with it however it chronod at just over 200fps which i see was a little low as it stated around 380fps im not too worried about this was plenty but what i did notice was the accuracy and range was much lower than other peoples there. This been said i realise it had a dmall barrel at 120mm and its not an expensive rifle i did manage to get someone to help me tweak the hop up but the difference was mininal.
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