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  1. Thanks for be so swift in your reply. I'll take another look at it again tomorrow and try to figure it out. Thanks again.
  2. I changed the inner barrel out of my CYMA ak74u for a longer one that was in one of my M4s, a tiny little rubber piece about the size of a grain of rice fell and i didnt think much of it but now after reassembling it the hop up doesnt work at all. Any answers? This is the first gun i've put some effort into to making better and don't know much about the internals or general construction of aegs but would love some help. -Owen
  3. I've got a Cyma Ak74u that shoots about 240 and want it to shoot at about 350. Also the accuracy isnt the best. I was wondering if you could let me know what I need to buy and install it for me.
  4. I already have a suppressor on it but swaps does sound like something i'd look into. Thanks
  5. Ok I'll give it a try. So you wouldn't recommend upgrading it?
  6. I've got a G&G Firehawk, but it's completely stock. Please someone help me. I want to use it as my main weapon but it kinda sucks because I only play woodland. Can anyone recommend any upgrades that will make the trigger more responsive and make it more accurate. It's also very loud. pls help
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