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  1. http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/other-airsoft-magazines/a-and-k-m4-15-16-ar-manual-wind-drum-magazine-5000rnd-black.htm
  2. Bloom1

    Way to drop fps.

    Same had it for 4 years and have 4000 hours in the game XD And im guessing the best way to change the fps will be a new spring that i could change between depending on what site i go to.
  3. Bloom1

    Way to drop fps.

    Ye it is an AEG XD Have you got any recommendations i have a stock Ares AM-0013. And would a widebore barrel effect range?
  4. Bloom1

    Way to drop fps.

    Im looking to play at The Mall in Reading but my gun is shooting 350fps when the sight only allows up to 340fps. Was wondering whats the best way i can drop about 10 fps without spending alot of money?
  5. I type that in and it comes up with a gun completely different XD
  6. Any help would be much appreciated
  7. Got given to me by my dad ages ago and was wanting to know some things about the gun eg price etc.
  8. If you haven't bought a gun yet i would 100% go for the AM013 it was my first gun and had no problems with it. its great for cqb and outdoors as it shoots dead on 350fps. Only problem i have is you need to find really small battery's to fit.