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  1. Hello, i was wondering if the ICS cxp UK1 captain mtr is any good for outdoor woodland sites and if the length of the gun will affect the range compared to an ics cxp uk1 transform 4 for or similar sized gun for example?
  2. Is the performance a big difference or not?
  3. So i'm gonna go with the hi capa 5.1 but what is the difference between the hi capa 5.1 and the gold match version?
  4. Hello, my ICS L85A2 wont feed unless i push my mag up when firing or i put lots of tape around the mags to make it fit tightly and this very annoying as it isn't with just aftermarket mags it is also the ics mags it came with. Any fixes would be appreciated.
  5. Is it easy switching the plastic slide on the Hi capa 5.1 to a metal slide as well?
  6. I go to an urban cqb site and sometimes a woodland site.
  7. Would the mk23 be any good on an indoor sight where only semi auto is allowed?
  8. I will have to get the correct size screw driver although i have just dissembled the gun and assembled it again and it seems like that problem has stopped but i will definitely try to tighten the screw to make sure.
  9. On my ICS L85 the fire selector always goes from semi auto to full auto after a few shots, Is there an easy fix for this. Also whilst im at it my gun wont feed unless i have tape around the mag.
  10. Hello, so im looking into getting a Tokyo marui gas pistol but i dont know which one to get. Just looking for some suggestions from people that own a pistol from Tokyo Maurui and which one you think is the best.
  11. So i have to do a project for college and i do alot of airsoft skirmishing and i have a few Airsoft guns and think it would be a cool idea if i made a solar powerd Airsoft gun, but would it be possible to do?
  12. If you have tried Airsoft before and you enjoy it then you would obviously need to start with a decent gun, the G and G Combat Machines are quite good they have great internals but some lack the exterior but they are still very good. Then buy some spare mags as no one wants to stop in the middle in a game and load bbs into a mag. Then get a spare battery as well. Then buy a Vest, i am a big fan of plate carriers as you can attach different mag pouches to them and a pistol holster if you decide you want to get a pistol in the future. And then the most important thing you will need is good eye protection and by good i dont mean a pair of £5 safety goggles you will want to get the best ones possible for you as it is you're eye sight at the end of the day. And also a Helmet would be useful in cqb as it would reduce the impact if you smacked your head on anything or fall over. One thing i would mention as well is getting a hydration bladder as it can keep you hydrated throughout games but its not need, just helpful. I hope this helps a bit but i only got back into Airsofting a few months ago and im sure lots of other people could give you helpful and better advice.
  13. Hello, sorry the fps of the gun is set on 350 so it is it around that range when chrono graphed.
  14. Hello, i have the Ics L85 that i have test fired with 0.20g bbs but no matter how much the hop up is adjusted to the bb still starts to upwards when it leaves the barrel, so i thought maybe the weight of the bbs could change it. What weight of bbs could you recommend to help this issue i am having?
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