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  1. Pez13

    M4 firehawk

    Thankyou for your help.
  2. Pez13

    M4 firehawk

    I would like a faster rate of fire with my firehawk standard. But 11.1v will kill it am I rite what Lipo do I need for a faster rate of fire note this is not the high tec edition just standard cheers guys
  3. Pez13

    M4 firehawk

    Hi there I am very new to airsoft. And for my first gun I brought a G&G firehawk standard I like the rate of fire but I want faster with out burning my gun out. Iv seen people use the 11.1v lipo and it's really fast could I use that in my gun or not. And what battery would be safe to use in my gun for a faster rate of fire. Thanks guys hope to here back.
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