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  1. Update: ordered the same army piece from begadi.com (https://www.begadi.com/army-armament-14mm-ccw-silencer-adapter-12mm.html) which was made for the R32 and they have two versions of this adapter as of this post. Came today after maybe 3 day postage from Germany and works perfect Army Armament definitely use 12mm ccw threads on their pistols for sure, wanted to provide an update to anyone in the same situation as me needing a thread adapter for their R17 that link was the best for EU and very fast shipping and you get a thread protector aswell. Don't buy the we adapter if you have an army pistol they don't use the 11MM thread mentioned in some places that sell them its 12MM CCW you need! Only thing is my suppressor came close to hitting the frame of the R17 but an o ring to distance the suppressor from the barrel worked perfectly and now fits snug and doesn't come close to the frame. Thanks for the help though Steveocee that was my second option if this adapter didn't work out 😄
  2. Hi guys thanks for any help on this Ive been trying to get a thread adapter for my R17-Y I've read on a few product descriptions that it accepts the WE style thread adapter which is 11mm cw to 14mm ccw (https://www.geniestuff.co.uk/army-r17-g17-v3-gas-blowback-red-airsoft-pistol-895-p.asp) (https://www.airsoftworld.net/new-army-armament-r17-g17-3rd-generation-gbb-airsoft-pistol-black.html) The problem is Im not sure if that's for the older versions of the gun or if its still 11mm ccw to 14mm ccw as user RogerBorg wrote on a review of the gun that on a newer version of the pistol without trademarks is a 12mm ccw to 14mm ccw thread adapter "Small BUMP.  In $CURRENT_YEAR, all the trademarks are gone, and on the R17-A model at least, the sights are just white paint, with the rear being Glock's daft U shape.  I think I'll glow them up a bit.Also, the ostensible 11mm CW outer barrel thread is larger than the ostensible 11mm CW thread adaptor for my Lighter-S, so I dunno what's going on there.[UPDATE]Ah, it seems that Army Armament like to use 12mm threads, just to be different.[UPDATE to the UPDATE]Yes, definitely 12mm, and CCW.  Not knowing which way it was threaded, I bought a 12MM "CW" to 14mm CCW adapter, from Chinaland via eBay.  Fortunately, it was actually CCW to CCW and works fine.fourth post from the bottom" If anyone has any info on which adapter to buy as i dont want to waste the money it would be greatly appreciated I found one from army armament on tiger111hk but its out of stock and doesnt say its thread directions https://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p38602/Army-R17-G17-GBB-Pistol-14mm-Flash-Hider-(Black)/product_info.html But there is another one in stock but for a different model although they both look identical and im not sure if thats the one i should order https://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p43996/Army-Darkstorm-1911-GBB-Pistol-Alloy-Flash-Hider-(Black)/product_info.html The 1911 r32 uses the same 12mm ccw thread the outer barrel is threaded in 12 mm CCW (anti-clockwise) and sold with a 14 mm CCW silencer adapter "the outer barrel is threaded in 12 mm CCW (anti-clockwise) and sold with a 14 mm CCW silencer adapter"
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