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  1. FunkMouse

    Well MB03 running HOT.

    Thankyou for your reply Andy, I will take in all your advice and I don't mean to blame anyone or any company I should of asked first thing in the morning, so it's my responsibility, it's already been given to the shop owner on the site and he is down grading the spring as I didn't even want to take it home.
  2. FunkMouse

    Well MB03 running HOT.

    Hey guys, complete noob here played my first session on airsoft today at tresillian with Cornwalls Elite Airsoft, was amazing. Got some tidy long distance kills, got hit quite a few times also, definitely hurts like people told me which is the hole point lol. I bought my Well MB03 Sniper of an older gentleman who bought it for his 12 year old grandson, unfortunately it was much to heavy for him so therefore he put it up for sale and I obviously bought it. Towards the end of the day I randomly asked to get it Chrono tested, didn't know what to expect but I knew the manufacturer stated it was around 400 FPS on 0.25g BBs. I was using 0.4g bbs and the 2 readings we're - 3 joules / 411 FPS 3 joules / 408 FPS so of course if i was running lighter BBs I guess the FPS would be higher? ANYWAYS I was told I wasn't aloud to use the rifle unless I had the spring downgraded as this is way over the limit, I feel like it is unfair for a manufacturer to state something when actually these things shoot around 485 FPS on a 0.25g BB. Just wanted to know your thoughts on the matter, thanks for any help and advice in advance. FunkMouse.