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  1. tobygh

    Advice on selling

    Thanks for that, really helpful, I've not played in years and thus am so out of touch with the laws, needed to be sure before selling to anyone.
  2. tobygh

    Advice on selling

    Thanks for that, sorry to sound like a novice but once I have the number how do I go about checking this? Is there a data base?
  3. tobygh

    Advice on selling

    Good afternoon all, first off sorry I'm sure this has been covered previously but I'm looking for some information. I'm looking to sell my airsoft guns, I skirmished many moons ago before the laws came into play where you'd have to be registered to own an airsoft gun, I myself am not registered and haven't skirmished for several years, I'm selling the guns as its pointless them being here and someone else may as well enjoy them as I once did. I'm aware I need to ensure the buyer is over the age of 18 (all of the guns are RIF's not two tones) What else do I need to find out from the buyer? Any/All help appreciated
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