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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you had a chance to see what tracer units can fit on the arp-9 due to the threads being a 1/2" behind the barrel shroud?
  2. Will the elite force 27round extended mag for the 1911 work in my KWL nighthawk recon?
  3. I was thinking about buying a MP7 npas valve but I'll try the 144a gas first.
  4. Hi, I've recently bought a KWA MP7A1 and it's shooting slightly hot for my field (380fps, my fields limit is 350), so I'm looking at ways to lower my fps. I'm open to most ideas and not afraid to do some tech.
  5. Question regarding BDU's? What's the sizing like is a 32 in Bdu bottoms the same as a 32 in jeans?
  6. Hey all, My Name Helljumper and im from middlish england and hopefully by the thursday following this post i would have taken part in my first ever Air soft skirmish. I'm ridiculously excited, as i've loved the sport for a fair few years but most of the fields are a quite a trip to get to but luckily unbeknown to me there is a CQB field that's popped up near me.. so i am a complete newb to playing but not new to the ideas and rules of this most excellent sport, i've currently got my eye on a couple SMG's and a few smaller Carbines but that will all have to wait till i get my full ukara. anything you wanna ask, ask and ill try my best to respond!
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