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  1. Thats fine, can also grab a table under the shelter if early. Don’t know if can PM on here but will try and send you my mobile number. What time would that bus leave Southend Vic??
  2. Well if we both go down on the 4th we will prob be on the same bus so might make sense to share/split a taxi also. Let me know
  3. Airsoft Plantation is better than Skirmish Billericay so have a great day. One day I’ll get to Airsoft GB, have to start learning to drive again
  4. So do you walk down from the station to the site? I’ve only walked from site to the station up hill and that was a fooking hike! Especially after a game with gear. I’ll get a taxi from Billericay Station to the site me thinks, and if misses can’t be arsed to pick me up the same again back. I’m 37 and had a heart attack so can’t be doing all that walking lol
  5. I can’t do this Sunday as waiting for payday but plan to go Sunday 4th March?? Have to work out the rail replacement journey (don’t drive) first as think it’s a bus journey at the moment so have to be up at the arse crack of dawn to start my journey. Hopefully the misses will pick me up
  6. Yes mate it’s a good place, still focusing on outdoor play but once I get a suitable gun for Hockley I’ll be back down
  7. Hey Nateexx, I haven’t checked this post for sometime until yesterday and now has some action on it. What Billericay site you go to AP it Skirmish?
  8. You have a wicked looking site near you called Airsoft GB, wish I lived closer to it as the misses gives me a lift to Skirmish Billericay once a month (working on twice) as it's the closet outdoor site to me. Happy shooting!
  9. Hello dude, yeah keep it up mate it's such a laugh! Hockley is small but really good CQB. Going Billericay again hopefully Sunday 6th August as need to upgrade rifle and down to cost have to spread it out across 2 months.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Again I'm up for trying different places but as for a local site it's just that wee bit too far for me I'm afraid. Appreciate the gesture that's really cool of you.
  11. Yes just a bit to far to become a local im afriad (we had to do a hotel stay over for The Mall, so didn't have to wake up at stupid o'clock). Maybe one day though. Thanks for the reply.
  12. Been playing since September 2016 after having a heart attack at the grand age of 36 in June of that Year. Love the sport, spend most my time searching something Airsoft related and spent more than I care to admit. Play with some friends mostly at Hockley (been to The Mall in Reading and Skirmish Billericay). Friends are a bit flakey and bail more times than not when come to arrange/commit to play the outdoor sites so decided time to find new people who actually want to play, like I really want to do. Hit me up, be kewl to hear from you
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