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    ICS-SA80 L85 A2.
    TM M92F.
    Bolt B4 MK12 MOD-1 DMR
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    Standard chest rig. 4 Mag loadout. Nothing special.
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    EAG worthing, dorking.
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    Would love to go to America one day for airsoft.
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  1. oh dear? I take it you are not a fan? I've not had any issues yet. Seems like a solid gun. Maybe your experience was with older versions so that's the basis of your scepticism. Looking to upgrade basic parts but who doesn't.
  2. Out of curiosity. When would you use 11.1v batteries? Only on upgraded internals? Is it not something a stock gun would handle?
  3. I actually ended up not buying a krytac and to get it to the level I wanted ment upgrading, changing fps, locking to semi...etc...so in the end I just bought myself a shinny new: Bolt B4 MK12 MOD-1 DMR. Bought a 4x32 scope as well. Didn't need anything doing to it as it's dmr as stock. 395fps. Locked to semi already. Blowback...kicks really nice, feels almost like a real gun..I'll post a reply once I've field tested it if anyone is interested.
  4. Thanks mate. I went for 7.4v 1400mAh in the end. The 2600mAh were too large for the space and don't fancy doing any DIY to the handguard.
  5. Hi folks. Apologies if this is a repeat. Searched the site but found nothing relating to my gun in question. So. I want to buy some LiPo batteries because my NiMhs just don't cut it. So question is, are 11v batteries to powerful for a ics electric gun? Would they cause excess stress on the motor and parts? What size would you recommend? Thanks in advance for help.
  6. You just got pipped there. Thanks for the advice.
  7. OK. So it mostly comes down to what you feel most comfortable running then. I will take on board your advice and hold off upgrading. Thanks for the tips.
  8. Awesome looking gun. I want the wolf grey as well. Is the LVOA-s better then the SPR? In regards to range I mean. Looking for something with good range and accuracy. I don't want to 'snipe' but would like to stay further from the front line then I am currently with my rifle. Is a sniper scope mountable on the LVOA-s? Purely for better sighting as apposed to a red dot or my current sights. Really appreciate the reply and advice.
  9. Thanks hippo. I know you. Appreciate the heads up.
  10. Hello good people. I hope this message finds you well. I am new to AF and also the Airsoft community. I currently have my own gun, purchased with a valid UKARA, but am always looking for the next best upgrade. I've been watching a Youtuber and the gun he is using is like none other I've seen. So my question is to you, is the Krytac Mk 2 SPR or LVOA-s worth the money? Obviously, upgrades will be needed to bring it to the level of said YTer and will have to wait. But as an out of the box gun, is it worth the buy? Am I just being a victim of good advertising? Has anyone had experience first hand with these guns? Is there maybe a better gun you could suggest? I hope you can find time to answer my questions and apologise if they have already been put to the group. I am very grateful for your time and effort. Yours, very sincerely and respectfully, Mentalmonk3y
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