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  1. Nice idea. Unfortunately those are way to big for me.
  2. No I blame the government for this. You will these days, I have had a few imported in and so have a few friends and every time we've needed UKARA - and they don't like accepting other defence. Friends had a vector seized for not having a UKARA.
  3. It is a bit confusing, all that matters is to get something imported you will need a defence. Either that being a licence for film reenactment (which is a licence) or UKARA (which still is, but is kinda unneeded if you are buying from a store in the UK - aka I go to a site where they have a store attached to them, at lunch I can go into the shop and just buy a gun. The defence here is that they Know I am an airsofter as I am playing during that day and will mostly likely use that new gun during that day.)
  4. Good idea, having a look at it now. Looks good but it is hard to get a hold of.
  5. It is a licence but you don't really need it, it is only there to ensure the world knows you are a airsofter and is going to use the RIF for airsoft. I don't have a licence and I have guns, but you will for anything overseas as customs will need a valid defence, and a licence is a form of a defence.
  6. Firstly read up on it: http://www.ukara.org.uk/ Summary of it, you get it at a local Airsoft site and you will of needed to have played 3 games in the past 2 months at the site. Some advice, if it's your first gun don't go overseas.
  7. To get any gun imported from any country you will need a licence or customs 'can' seize it. Meaning 'can' you get still have guns slip through customs even without a licence it's just luck. To get a gun imported it's preferable to a have your UKARA number printed on the box as customs can check it themselves, otherwise they'll have to call you for it. Regarding the FPS, it is fine. BUT YOU WILL need to downgrade it. Hope this helps.
  8. DPM is over used like Multi-cam and MTP so I want to stick with something new, and I'm not rly a fan of solid colours.
  9. Unfortunately, I don't. You could try the Nuprol Site or you can measure the diameter of the screw (hole) and go to B&Q or any hardware store and find an allen screw the same size. Quick Search: https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=allen+screw&*
  10. Hi all, I need to get an opinion on mixing these two camos and whether or not they'll work together. (A-tacs FG and Helikon Legion Forest), also can I get an opinion whether this combo is good for the UK outdoors. I am thinking of going A-tacs FG for the plate carrier: With Legion Forest camo for clothing: Or if there are better mixes I am open to new ideas. Thanks to all for your opinions.
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