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  1. Most of the low end guns I have looked at I think had plastic externals and alloy internals
  2. I do quite like the look of some of them and I was quite surprised when I saw how much the price differs for what is basically the same rifle. I'd be happy to play with the rifle as stock for a while though I think and then get a good idea of what I wanted from it in terms of attachments
  3. I'll just have to strip it down to make it look like a pipe with a handle, that will make it look unique
  4. I was looking at that wondering what the hell he was talking about...
  5. Out of interest when you say an M4 is that limited to only the M4/M4A1? Or would that include stuff like 416's and M16's? I quite like the look of the Lvoa type though, are they any good? I'm assuming they are just an extended M4?
  6. Thanks for all the help, AEG's sound way easier to use and maintain over gas so that's probably the direction I'll head in.
  7. After looking around for a while I can't seem to find information on what the differences are between spring electric and gas powered weapons. (Yes I am a total noob) Aside from the obvious methods of how the gun shoots what are the pros and cons? I know that you have to charge batteries for electric, but do you have to replenish gas systems? And if so how? I would love any information on this at all and if there is already a thread I haven't seen then please do link it Thanks guys
  8. Haha, thanks for the welcome, and thanks for clearing that one up
  9. Hi all, My name is Ed, I'm from the elusive Isle of Wight and I am a complete noob to airsofting. I have never been but I hope to learn about it here and eventually get myself into what looks like a brilliant game/sport (not sure what you class it as?) See you on the forums
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