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  1. What speed loader again your post disapeerd?
  2. http://rs36.pbsrc.com/albums/e31/Tim_Dunkley/20161225_152442_zpslagql2fw.jpg?w=480&h=480&fit=clip
  3. http://rs36.pbsrc.com/albums/e31/Tim_Dunkley/20161225_151409_zpsb2row4gs.jpg?w=480&h=480&fit=clip
  4. Or is it that i have to pull bottom off mag?..but carnt work out how it pulls off?
  5. Ok so how do i wind the wheel if its sunken?
  6. It has no pronounse wheel on mag to wind if anything is sunken in mag...other end were bbs are loaded it looks like bottom should come off but dont want to break it for him...tried to upload pics but its saying file too big!
  7. Is the wheel supposed to be raised out?..as this one seems recessed?
  8. My son has just got a bulldog sr47 rifel hes tried to fire it but no bbs come out ...ive tried turning gun upside down and fire to pre charhe with bbs and it fires ? What are we missing ?
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