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  1. After spending my day off searching. I think I have found a RIF that appeals to me visually and seems to have a good reputation: The ASG CZ 805 Bren A1. While I do prefer the slightly shorter A2, I actually find the colouring on the A1 quite appealing, the A2 have inverted colours which don't really look as good IMO. While it is a bit more than I am looking to pay, I think it is most likely better to go with something that I actually want, rather than just trying to find something that is acceptable. Does anyone on here run this or have experience with this RIF?
  2. The choice of the M4 was primarily just because it seems to be the most prolific on the market. I had seen the pistol M4s the body of the gun is quite large and with the rail at the front I don't imagine it is the most balanced platform. I feel if I am going to go for an M4 I likely would be best utilising it for that attributes that make it a strong choice, such a set up with a stock to make it a stable platform. Visually I would rather a science fiction rifle or something from a video game than based on something real, but they seem overly expensive, poorly made and have limited options for in game. I did find this CSI XR5 which I think looks awesome but I can't find much information surrounding it sadly and thus suspect it might be rubbish. The ICS CPX HOG and CPX.08 seem like quite nice RIFs, are they of reasonable quality? Are G&P ok? something like the Kinetic M4 Free Float recoil
  3. Hey everyone. So before christmas I played my first game, came on here, asked questions. Since then I've spentt a lot for time reading, researching and poking then went off and played some more. I've played at 2 sites now, both full days of play as well as with some people locally through a client that I met through work. I've sampled a few different RIFs, run into problems, found what I like, what I don't and now I've got some questions. Firstly. what effects trigger response in an AEG? I see quite a few people commenting on trigger response but I am yet to work out how to change it. I found with a few RIFs, there is a noticeable delay in pulling the trigger and the little ball making the man put his hand up, actually to the point where the ball doesn't hit the man. Yes, I am new, so some of that is my ability in leading targets and what not, but sometimes it's noticeable. What effects range besides the hop up? After trying rental RIFs and other peoples RIFs I've noticed quite the difference in pellet pushing power. Learning to play has been interesting, finding the correct place to attack from is tricky but I've found it's made harder by a RIF that can't shoot further than a NERF gun. I find that guns that 'chrono' the same (or similar) can behave quite differently. On this point, what is a good effective range for a RIF? I mean what ranges should you expect one to get? what is considered 'standard, poor and good'? I initially wanted a pistol, as I am not really a gun person. I am sorry to say I don't think they are particularly cool, a pistol seemed like a nice economical option for gameplay, the plan was to HPA tap it and then have fun that way, however after asking questions and being told it was a poor idea (although I must admit, I would still love to try it) I went back to the drawing board and played some more, tried some more weapons and have resided to the fact that I need an AEG RIF to be competitive, not only to keep me in the game, but to support my team as best I can. I am aware the GBB RIFs can be quite unreliable, inconsistent and quite expensive to maintain but, similarly to the pistols, appeal to me on a mechanical level, but the competitive nature of the hobby has driven me to seek out an AEG. I do still find myself browsing websites looking at GBB pistols in bright colours getting excited over the concept of vaulting a barrier while 'popping off' suppressing shots like a slightly heavy set and ungainly neon Jean-Claude Van Damn before stumbling, dropping the objective and getting pelted with spherical plastic. If anyone did know of a way that running a pistol as a primary wouldn't be the equivalent of throwing trifle at the opposing players, please PM me. I think I've found a RIF that I would like to purchase, the G&G TR4 CQB-H EBB DST but obviously I am unable to test it. How do I go about working out if it is the right RIF for me? Visually the gun hits the right points, the stock looks a little unusual and the tan colour means I can lay a think layer of primer before I paint so I won't lose a lot of small detail, I don't intend on keeping it looking like a real weapon, I would like to paint it purple and orange. It has a metal body which will be sturdy, plus have a nice weight to it so it will feel a bit more exciting and, while I am not a gun person, the recoil aspect, no matter how small the effect, will hopefully add a little bit more fun and perhaps challenge, if there is any physical effect of course. The hand guard, while ugly, gives me a chance to change something about the gun as time goes on, with a rail kit. It also is currently on sale, and that is a large draw, a higher quality gun a lower price. However this sale price seems due to the fact it is a 'gen 2' and hasn't got a mosfet, but there is no denying its reduced price is a factor. The thing is, these things don't tell me how the RIF performs? Is there any way of know what will be the right pea shooter for me? RIFs are quite a lot of money for what I can't help but see as a toy gun and I just wonder are there any lemons on the market and could I be making a terrible mistake? Part of me wants to save up and go for a more expensive RIF like the VFC Umarex HK416D which, while looking even more like a real weapon, seems to be of higher quality, but does that mean it would massively outperform the TR4? Currently my skill level is still beginner and I highly doubt I would outpace any RIF on the market, my tactics need work and my bad guy spotting ability fuzzy at best but that doesn't mean I don't want a RIF that isn't competitive and a great platform to build on. I just wondered what your thoughts are on mid range RIFs and buying my first one. I am finding myself slightly torn.
  4. HR No on like HR, it instills fear in every working man. You would have to carry around ring binders full of paperwork and be late to meetings though.
  5. Could I ask? What do you guys run and why? Just to get a little bit of an insight?
  6. That is a very cool looking rifle! So talking about barrel length, would that rifle with a tiny barrel still be accurate at a good range or was I incorrect and accuracy is massively impacted by barrel length? Thank you guys
  7. So it's not the pistol form factor thats actually the issue but the materials inside? So is it possible to get a rifle receiver and HPA that and get a super short barrel? From what I understand after reading and re-reading, the barrel isn't the primary variable in accuracy but it is your hop up? So barrel length is for compression (speed/FPS)? Essentially making some kind of pistol form factor but based on the rifle platform with hardier, better components? sorry PT247 if you feel I am ignoring your advice, just trying to get a handle on the differences between the platforms. I feel like I might as well ask the stupid questions. I guess in my head, the pistol seems the best form factor and is far cheaper to run HPA than converting a rifle which I then have to buy event more parts to make smaller. I have found there seems to be quite a large 3D printing community surrounding pistols and pistol modification so that also caught my attention. So as regards durability (of all platforms) what parts tend to break/wear down? I assume the hop ups, due to the function, take quite a hammering. Are they easily replaceable across guns or is it a little more tricky and what kind of life span are you looking to get out of these components. It's funny you mention about grabbing my old paintball clothes, I really do want a coloured gun over the black, but I guess again, that is a paintballer mentality. So even if I do play fairly, what kind of reaction do smaller form factor, speed focused players get. I don't want to step on anyones toes and upset their hobby and I want to be a useful team mate to people, pushing up to help them out is kind of how I see my role. I don't mind being laid in mud or what have you so I figure player to my strengths.
  8. Thank you for the advice So seeing as the guns are prone to breaking, is it not possible to get replacement parts for guns? I mean the guns are quiet expensive and a common design. A gun based off say an AK is an AK platform and thus parts should fit right? Same for pistols? Or do some manufacturers not make parts? Things like hop ups for example, can they not be replaced or worked on? I can seem to find a fair amount of AEG parts but not much else oddly, but maybe I'm not looking in the right places. On a a technical note with the pistols, would it not be possible to just remove the connection between the slide and the mechanism inside so that the mech moves without the slide? I assume it pushes on a spring to force the slide forward after the action has taken place? so maybe put a lighter spring in as well to compensate for the lower weight? Maybe even cut out some of the slide to lighten it up? I don't know, just a though.
  9. Thank you So is there no way of removing the blow back to improve the accuracy? Obviously if it's not ideal then I shan't run it! I tended to mount my bottle on the back of my belt and use a hose, kind of strange but it worked for me. I know it sounds silly, but I just guess I was expecting it to be a lot lighter. I think the fact that the weight is so spread out is what perhaps made it feel heavy when sprinting around. The paintball setup I used to run meant the weight was over my main hand which I suppose made it lighter. How do small SMGs compare to AEGs?
  10. Hey, So I am new, (Hi everybody) I've played on game at Alpha55 with an AEG but my background is in paintball, specifically speedball (small arena games where you run around and suppress like crazy, vastly different from airsoft). I am just starting to do some research and there seems to be a lot of negativity surrounding buying a pistol over an AEG. This might be a silly question, but why? Spec sheets read that pistols are getting the same 350 FPS that some AEGs get and while they haven't got massive mags, (although it seems you can get drum mags) that kind of appeals to me. I just wondered, what about them makes them uncompetitive when compared to an AEG? I notice that there is an FPS limit for my local site but no ROF limit, does this mean a full auto AEG just dominates because of the single fire vs auto? From watching people play and watching some videos I quite like the idea of some kind of HPA pistol with an extended mag, something like a WE G35 (auto/semi) with HPA and an extended mag, or maybe even a Hi-Capa with a similar set up. Just something small and mobile. I must admit, I have only stumbled across a few set ups like this, so I get that it is a tad unorthodox and while that doesn't mean it is bad, I also don't want to waste my money or worse, upset the flow of a game with some unexpected play style or behaviour. I found the AEG to be heavy and quite cumbersome to run around with and I never really engaged anyone over say 12-15m due to trying to stay behind over and push forward. I mean I could be insane, I don't know a massive amount yet but I saw a lot of guys in full army gear who weren't too hard to work my way around as their effectiveness was vastly impaired by big chest carriers and mid-cap magazines, especially when compared to my rental gun and hi-cap. Edit: I am also aware that my local play space allows for riot shields, so I could maybe rock one of them as well to allow myself and a team mate to move around easier, but obviously not while running an AEG.
  11. Hey everyone. I am based in Cheshire. I used to play paintball at Uni and recently went to my first airsoft game with my girlfriend after being invited by a friend who plays and by the site owner. I had loads of fun, as did the other half and we are looking at attending again and filling out our UKARA. I used to mostly play speedball but enjoyed the outdoor tactical style of play that came with airsoft so I am looking to research a set up that is a happy medium of mobility and distance. Anyway, I just thought I would say hi. I will mostly be lurking and reading until I get an idea of what I want to do and until I have been a few more times, although the girlfriend has already decided she is desperate to get a shooter! haha
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