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  1. Hi everyone, my new gun the M4 SRT-03 spartac, I chronoed it and it was 410 FPS which is to powerful for a full auto rifle, so I bought a new spring and I was suppose to make the FPS 360 FPS but when I chromoed it it was 140 FPS please help ?? Thanks in advance,
  2. So I can sell to anybody interested but only if there are 18+ and have a ukara membership and myself?
  3. Hi everyone I could do with some help, I have a old airsoft gun which is a RIF and could any one tell me how I would be able to sell it legally ? Thansk in advance,
  4. Hi everyone, Got a problem that I can't figure out I'm not old enough to get a RIF airsoft gun as my Christmas present so my friend who has a license said that they will get it for me, would I be able to play with it ? Thanks luke,
  5. Hi everyone, My name is luke and I'm new to airsoft, I could really do with some help on a starting out rifle for the field and any advice on anything to start airsoft ? Thanks,
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