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  1. Yeah we have all the gear etc but site not answering, just need to know whether anyone knows what time it's open.
  2. What time is it open tomorrow and is 'walk on fee' simply go to the site and pay to play? Thanks
  3. Sorry - I've already purchased my SRC... (dont use it its shit), I'm just looking for a pistol to use (bear in mind I've NEVER played an airsoft game), which is why I want to buy this g17 for £180, since it seems reliable and a fairly good gun for cqb.
  4. I would purchase a cheap one, but I'll be using pistol as my primary weapon and would like to last a long time
  5. £16? Whats the difference between that pistol and a £200 one?
  6. Thanks for the info Me brothers and dad going down to buy some nice guns tomorrow, obviously we don't have licenses so we'll have to wait for them to paint them, or do they put orange tips on them?
  7. nice one mate, dont use facebook anyway. also, not sure if im hearing this right but pistols go through 1-2 magazines then I must refill gas? sorry for sounding like a newb haha
  8. Haha nice, just round the corner from mine. Woodland as in just turn up with your gun?
  9. Heard of the tm 10 inch deagle? Only 44 rounds from 1 mag of gas, so is it that bad?
  10. Thanks for the offer, will look at a range of guns tomorrow and let you know
  11. Hi Karl, Nice, cheers. And i live in ormskirk, theres a cqb here?
  12. http://bombupairsoft.co.uk/products/we-custom-g17-hi-speed This good quality mate?
  13. Hello everyone, I'm pretty new with Airsoft (I have a m4 src which is terrible for £180 i paid), and want to started CQB sites. I'm going to the store tomorrow as I'll be purchasing a gun for christmas. I really like the idea of using pistol-only, any good recomendations for a pistol around £200, good quality and gas powered? (preferably from bombupairsoft.co.uk) Any help will be much appreciated thanks
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