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  1. Cheers all, ill take all on bored, ill get some 11.1v lipos 30c max and use some .30 bbs
  2. Im not 100% sure i personly think its 30k 1 at its rof is monsterous
  3. Im mainly semi auto, cqb sites but trigger responce is good idea, may get some 11.1v 40c if that would do nicely?
  4. I guess its just me being greedy but everynoe and then i fire 2 bbs, im running a 7.4v 30c lipo?
  5. Use .25 atm any, do u think i should go heavier
  6. Yes so does mine but want more accuraccy so thinking hop/barrel/ rubber
  7. If you /had/have a krytac mk2 tri crb, what would/done to it to upgrade it as im looking to spend some money on it and get it working like a beast
  8. Thanks mate, sorry for that disturbing spelling before haha
  9. Omg iv just realized haha i was trying to feed my daughter at same time, my question is can i trust this website? https://www.surplusstore.co.uk
  10. https://www.surplusstore.co.uk/bb-guns/realistic-bb-rifles/bymake/krytac/krytac-trident-crb-black.html Never irderd from these before can i trust them??
  11. Its cool and i was looking at it but would it look alright with black loadout and attackments 😂😂
  12. No dealers have any in 😩😩
  13. Black preferebly as i have black loadout and play cqb alot
  14. Does anyone know of anywhere in the uk that has 1 of these in stock?
  15. Iv used em in my g&g firehawk and never had 1 blow up
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