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  1. I would second this, he has done loads of work for us, even though they are 40 miles from us it's still worth the trip, we have been there twice already this month.
  2. My thoughts as I was thinking of going down the HPA route, and the shop I know well warned me about this and to hold off until there is more clarification.
  3. Thanks for the reply, so what is the sound like when the cam is in the case, and what is a "custom hydrodipped case" if you don't mind me asking. The newest gopro model is the Hero 5 black which comes with a skeleton case and a full dive case, I would prefer to be able to use the skeleton case but as mentioned the lens cover and lcd screen are exposed, I could just cover the lcd with some foam or rubber but I was hoping for some kind of lens shield to be available as a mobile type screen protector won't be enough protection.
  4. Yes very true, we did this on the cheapo cam drilling holes where the mic is and also the charging port so a powerpack could be used. Even drilling the holes the sound was still bad, almost like mono hence the possible upgrade to gopro.
  5. As the title says, I'm thinking of buying a new GoPro to use on a helmet after trying a cheapo camera and getting crap results, especially the sound. Now because they are expensive I am concerned about BBs hitting the front and damaging the lens cover and LCD front display. Most skeleton covers don't protect either and I don't think the mobile type screen protectors will be up to the job. So, is the only choice the fully enclosed divers case or are there other options as the sound will probably be blocked, I had to mod the case on the cheapo camera to allow sound recording.
  6. I bought a G&G Firehawk for £150 a couple of weeks ago, nice and small and short, loud aswell, got everyone talking ! It has impressed me and we have quite a few rifles, takes Lipo stick batteries.
  7. Thanks for your advice, much appreciated. My youngest son who is 18 wants over ear rather than in ear hence the steer towards the comtac type of headset but this MAy be a show stopper. On the other hand looking into this has kind of got me interested in Ham radio !
  8. Very true but I will always try the cheaper version before forking out £100+ on goggles ! There are 3 of us, myself and 2 sons so everything I buy is x3. Isn't it more about breathing out than sweating, I shoot practical shotgun deep in the woods in the dead of winter and have to wear safety glasses which fog up and there's no sweating involved in that.
  9. Yes that's the one I have been told to get as you can use it anywhere, I assume they give you a range of frequencies to use and a max of 5W power. I assume that if you are a group of say 4 that they can all use it under the one licence.
  10. Ok so just put name and address on the licence application then I guess ! You can get external mounts that fit onto the side rails of the helmet, it does mean taking the headset apart to a degree so will have to think about that one.
  11. Ok folks so we have been playing for about 5 years and fancy being able to talk to each other. We wear fast helmets and are looking for a suitable headset, not the in or over ear type, I have been looking at Comtac with Ztac helmet mounts etc but are there any other options. I think I know enough about radios now to know what I want, does anyone on here use the hand held ham radios that officially require an Ofcom licence. I don't have a problem paying the £75 fee but looked at the form, do I need to have a company name etc.
  12. We just use normal goggles and spray them with anti fog spray that divers use, never had a problem so far.
  13. Hello folks, New to the forum so thought I would say hello, myself and 2 sons have been playing for about 5 years, places such as "The Mall" in Reading and "The Billet" in Farnborough/Aldershot. I really joined to get advice on equipment etc and what people use.
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