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  1. Ok thanks but next time I load it, how should I do it right? I don't want to repeat my mistake.
  2. Is it missing or just as a preventive measure?
  3. Here is a picture of the seal. Maybe you can tell me what is the problem.
  4. I got the gun for 1 month ( a Walther P38 BB Co2 ) and I shot 2 Co2 capsules with it. Now, when I try to insert the capsule I screw it in until I hear a "hissss" sound. After that, I screw it a little bit more so it can "close", seal idk how to say it. But the problem is that the more I screw it in, the "hisss" sound becomes louder and more Co2 leaks out. If I want to screw it until the end, even MORE Co2 comes out and I tried this with 3 capsules and it happens all over again. Am I not doing it right or is something broken? Thanks!
  5. It's an airsoft Walther P38 BB by UMAREX.
  6. Thank you again it was helpful but I have 2 questions: the inlet seal is the one that you see when pulling the slide back or the one in which the Co2 cartige comes in? When I pull back the slide it works normally but on the last 5% of the pull the spring becomes "harder" and it makes a "krrrr" sound. Is this normal?
  7. Hello! I have a Co2 airsoft pistol and I have a problem. I only use it to plink targets si I can't use a full cartige in one day. The only way I can use it is to shoot it in the period of about 3 days, take out the empty Co2 cartige and leave it "rest" for about 10 days before shooting it again. Is this a method that will be bad for my gun ( considering that I will keep it under pressure non-stop for 3 days and then leave it "rest" for a week or more)? If in time this will destroy the valves and the gun itself just tell me and I will return it and get my money back. Thanks!
  8. What about Walther maintenance capsules (0.5g of silicone oil / 12g)? Could they be enough? http://www.umarex.de/en/airguns/accessories/4.1683.html
  9. Thanks for the advice and the manual but the pistol I want to buy is on CO2. I know I should have specified that and I suppose that the manual should be useful even for my pistol, excepting reloading the gas, clearing etc.
  10. I want to buy my first airsoft gun - an UMAREX Walther P38 full metal. I won't go out and play with a team and stuff like that. I will only shoot it in private, for fun. I want to know for how long will it work if I treat it carefully and I only target practice with it ( the warranty only lasts 6 months and I don't want to pay ~150$ for a gun that works for half an year). I also want to know if the manual explains how to treat the gun as well as possible. If not, please give me some advice on how to do this ( greasing, depositing etc.) Thank you!
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