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  1. Help please just upgraded my gearbox and was working fine so I thought I'd treat myself to a gate. Hard wired it today but for some reason now the gun fires fine on full auto but on semi one shoot then the gun is dead even on fully auto I've tryed different settings but no differents. Anyone got any ideas ?
  2. The problem I got it's all money and this time of year I have next to nothing so gonna have to shelf it till got spare cash
  3. I have no way to check amps and only standard motor I tryed my 7.4 wouldn't work with it only with 11.1. 120 spring or that's what I was told
  4. This is doing my head in now checked everything nothing catching or rubbing gears moving smoothly re shimmed with new ones still no change
  5. Yes it fire fast and strong on full auto but soon as I fire on semi it fires once then locks up fully even if I put it bk on fully auto
  6. Mate you have helped me so much already thanks. il pull it apart tomorrow had no time today. And check everything you said and post results on here
  7. Yes I've short stroked it. I'm lost to know what's going on. It be any kind of gear locking up
  8. I've put a shs selector plate and shs switches on it. Il pull it apart again and have another look see if I can see what is happening
  9. Rite I'm getting there full auto working fine trigger lock ok but still when I put it in semi auto it fires once then the whole gun jams until I take it apart ? Ideas
  10. Ok just stripped the box down again the cut off leaver definitely has wear. But what I'm noticing is that the selector plate is catching on the casing bearing should I get a kings arm selector to go with the casing or does it not matter ? I still don't really understand how semi auto works though lol
  11. I brought the box ready to go on to find numerous problem so I have no idea I'd semi ever worked I brought a new selector plate as that was missing a bit and just ordered a new cut off leaver incase it's down to a wear issue. But thanks for your advice il try that later oh yeah I has the spring and I changed it as I brought a spring kit
  12. Ok feel abit of a tit now all bk together firing great but everything is full auto lol what have I done wrong I'm guessing it a simple fix
  13. Mate thanks for the help ground the high bit down and the box closes nicely and gears move freely
  14. That is spot on I see what need to be done now thanks for the help will let you know how it goes
  15. If you get a chance could you circle the part that needs grinding. Your rite the gears were 12.1 lol same box as yours so if you can show me what I need to grind it would be great. Thanks
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