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  1. Fair enough you generally give good advice, and advice that some others can't provide, and clearly you're very experienced, and you're rather helpful. You come across rather harsh though, and sometimes I feel like you just write anything you know as a post that vaguely relates to what they ask, for example: Targets - you write anything you know about targets. I just wish you'd focus your experience and knowledge into something more specific. i.e he specifically asked about electronic targets, logic dictates that cans etc aren't what he's asking about.
  2. Sometimes I wonder the same about SittingDuck. Besides, once you have an electronic system like that set up, you can set it to do all kinds of things, develop it etc. For example, once one target or x number of targets has been hit, release another target, or release a moving target, etc etc.
  3. Waiting for delivery of a MK2 Krytac at the moment, and I was looking to mod it.. yeah. I'm wanting to reduce the trigger pull to ~0.6mm, as shown in a video such as this: https://youtu.be/zgM2JkxyXzE?t=42s Obviously I'd be wanting all the fire modes to still work as intended [safe, semi, auto]. Any idea how I'd go about doing it? As a newb, some of the videos are rather confusing & I probably wouldn't be comfortable doing it myself on a brand new gun [esp. a Krytac].. or how much a tech would be likely to charge? Or even if it can be done at all?
  4. The main reason they aren't in stock isn't even because it's between models. Not many make it over to the UK, and when they do, due to them being a highly, highly sought-after rifle, they sell out extremely quickly. Speaking to ProAirsoftSupplies the other day, they're expecting to sell out on pre-orders alone in the next few days. [Already pre-ordered mine!]
  5. Yes you do need protection for the lenses. NO they will not survive a BB hit.
  6. Appreciate this by the way, that was pretty much the reason I asked, as I know the Krytac isn't particularly big when you search google for recommended M4s, and there are new ones coming out all the time, could've been a revolutionary release yesterday for all I know.
  7. Thinking about getting one in grey, also thinking about holding out as I'm in talks with a specific retailer who may be able to get me one directly from the supplier.
  8. Think I may just buy it in grey, to be honest..
  9. Anyone have ideas on a shop that might be willing to get hold of one for me? I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for the luxury.
  10. I don't care for running an 11.1 lipo. Krytac won't reliably run 11.1s on semi with a UK spring anyway. But you're right - I really would prefer a Krytac.
  11. Seems like the Krytac shortage is well known then, it's not just me. Any other recommendations guys? Was looking at http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/ics-metal-cxp-transform-uk1r-rear-wired-ebb-airsoft-gun-aeg this rifle, any ideas on upgrades to make it shoot out of the box at the same level as the Krytac?
  12. I did look at those, I hate the look of the PDW, and the SPR is far too long unfortunately ;/ Thanks anyway.
  13. Yup, I've looked. Mostly discovered older posts and older information from a few years ago, and figured you'd be intelligent enough considering I'd mentioned Krytac to know I was looking at newer rifles, and what's popular today, not then. EDIT: Was also hoping someone might have information on getting hold of a Krytac.
  14. I've been looking around for the best M4 AEG wise for ~£350 for my first real rifle. [YES, I am UKARA registered.]. I was looking at a Krytac CRB, but they're out of stock everywhere, and nowhere seems to be willing to get one for me. So, on to looking for another rifle since I can't get my hands on one of those, I suppose? Restrictions: NO GBB Rifles NO HPA Recommendations [i know this isn't likely at this price point, but just incase..] AEG Only [stressing this] NO full length rifles [preferably a carbine] Full metal body [with the exception of the rear stock / grip, obviously] Let's see.
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