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  1. In Maryland, we had tornadoes, hurricanes, and really bad thunderstorms and snowstorms. That stuff meant you had to be prepared for anything in the future. And I must add, we do have lots of people who hate Bush and that's why we didn't vote for Jeb in our Republican primary election.
  2. Wow, you guys need to see the stuff that we have in the States! Back in my home state of Maryland, I had at least 2,000 rounds of ammo for my Arsenal AK at all times, about 2 months of food for 5 people, and tons of other guns and ammo to defend the home with. Prepping is a big thing in some places, where people don't feel comfortable with the current world/government situations. So it's no wonder Poland is gearing up, considering Putin took over parts of Ukraine, and he's still supporting the separatists in Ukraine.
  3. I would have to pitch a vote to the LCT PP-19-01 and LCT SR-3. I've never seen those in play, most people tend to have AKs or something that takes STANAG magazines. I do have to also pitch a vote to the Hephaestus HTS-14. I don't think anyone will ever really see that gun in action!
  4. Hmmmmm, I think that battery would mount in the reservoir for the vertical hand grip. As soon as I get my UKARA finished, I'll go down and test to see if the battery even fits. But the hunt for other batteries is still on.
  5. The handguard has a section for the battery to rest above the barrel, as to not stop the function of the vertical folding grip. I'd like to retain the ability to either have it folded or not.
  6. They say that the LCT SR-3M's battery room is 15mmx25mmx75mm. Apparently, LCT was supposed to release a 7.4v and 11.1v battery that would meet those exact specifications and be of reasonable mAh. I'm trying to find the best mAh, as the highest I've seen is 950mAh from a Turnigy 7.4v lipo. Also, if batteries are so hard to find for the SR-3M, should I just get the ICS G33 instead? I was looking at that one, too.
  7. So, after looking at the ICS G33, I've found the awesome LCT SR-3M. But the only issue is, I don't know which batteries will fit in it! I'm trying to find a 7.4v LiPo battery that will fit, but I'm having trouble with it. Most people mount the battery where the vertical grip folds into, but I dont want to do that. Any recommendations?
  8. Get a Hakkotsu Iron Face mask. They're great for airsoft and fit nicely underneath full seal goggles without fogging everything up.
  9. I'm thinking that I probably want the ICS just for the fact that it can accept M4 magazines. Thanks for the input.
  10. Just a note, I wouldn't get the recoil model because I personally don't enjoy that feature. I just moved from the US to the UK, and having owned and shot real guns over there, I've just never enjoyed the faux recoil pulse from some AEGs. So it'd be a regular TM G36C vs a regular ICS G33. No recoil or EBB models. Thanks for recommending it, though.
  11. I must note that I might put lights and lasers and other stuff on the gun. I will be using the guns for CQB and woodland skirmishes. Thanks for the help!
  12. I'm completely stuck between which one I should get! I hear about the TM pixie dust that makes accuracy amazing, but ICS has pixie dust in a cheaper price and that awesome telescoping stock and cheek riser. I already have M4 mags from when my ICS L85A2 decided to kill itself, and I can modify the TM to take the M4 magazines anyways. Which gun do you guys think I should get? Thanks!
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