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  1. Does anyone have any experience with this device? I have been using the supplied continental style charger and the original battery but it does not seem to hold it's charge whatsoever. It will wind the mag maybe once or twice and then it dies. Is it worth me trying a different battery/charger or should I just give up with the thing? TIA
  2. Timo


    Halfords do a line of camo spray paints and a matte top coat. Looks lovely on my bright green sniper.
  3. Which is better for the gearbox/battery/motor etc, firing a 1000 rounds on auto or a 1000 on semi? Would it make any difference?
  4. Just received a Nuprol Bocca suppressor through the post and was wondering if anyone knows what is the function of the spring which runs the length of the barrel?
  5. Superb gun, buy this http://www.actionhobbies.co.uk/ICS-IK-RAS-AK74-Black_A19GYQ.aspx#.Vzd48ch4XCQ
  6. I had a look at it in the shop, feels nice and solid. Was going to buy it but went for the Umarex UMP(same price) on advice from the very helpful Sales guy. UMP battery is less fiddly, larger magazine, better gearbox, nice noise. I'm sure you're friend will be very satisfied with the MP5 though and Action Hobbies give good service.
  7. Can anyone recommend some eye protection/mask that would fit comfortably over my glasses? Cheers
  8. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has any experience of buying from this company? website/Facebook page seems legit.
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