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    Dboy M4 customized, Tokyo Marui Fa-mas, Well L96 MB08 and WE G18C.
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    Im still a freshman lol so not much.
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  1. In addition i have also found a PJ25 on taiwan gun what arr the reviews on this aswell please.
  2. Hello i have found a nice A&K SR25 on patrole base. One of my friends said i should check out the replica of the SR25 on taiwan gun its called the precision rifle 25. On taiwan gun its like £50 cheaper and comes with battery. Is it worth it and whats it like from taiwan gun. Thanks in advance.
  3. That does look good. I woyld like to keep it looking as close to standard as possible. Not end of world if i cant find one. Someone sed i could use abit of wood and screw a small rail onto the wood. How did you mod it to look like that. Does look sexy lol
  4. Thanks. All great help much appreciated. Does anyone know were i can get a top scope rail from. For the sv i found some sites but they been out of stock for months
  5. i do understand its wired to want to upgrade a perfect gun. Some of my experience with building to building firing the bbs land just short of the building i thourt maybe little more fps and constatancy will improve that so i can provide better cover fire for team mates who are advancing to clear a building. Hope tha this make sence.
  6. There is nothing wrong with it its great. I just need that little more for the site I play at.
  7. Thanks all. I didnt have major planns as far as upgrading goes just wanted to push it that lil further and all my research and conformation from this forum a tight bore barrel an hopup seems best. I found an arftermarket rail for the sv but it all ways out of stock. I know faffing will mess things up 300 fps is great enough. Think im right in saying with that little push to 300 and tight bore barrel and hopup. Ill have better consistency and accuracy.
  8. Not sure what you mean by. Its a tm
  9. Thanks I got plan for new barrel the standard is it really 488mm lol. And do you recon the v1gearbox gears and cogs would cope with a newer motor.
  10. I am 25 years old and i shall be sending away for my ukara after my next game in a week. . I had a look through the pages and there are many helpfull pages. Thanks.
  11. Hello i just got a tm fa-mas and im looking for some aftermarket bits. Also i would like any advice on upgrading the basic fps as its just below 300. Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hello im Jose from Kettering in Northamptonshire. I have been airsofting for about 3 months now going every 2 weeks. Ummm not sure what els to say.
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