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  1. Could do with a bit of advice guys! Recently my ICS L85 has started to double feed, had it over six months and haven't had an issue with double feeding before. I'd say maybe 1/30 shots, so it's not often but it is happening. I have recently switched to deans and I am using a 8.4V 3700MAH, but I wasn't having a problem when I first switched to deans, but the problem did start since I used a new better charger. I am wondering if it could be over-spin from the bigger battery getting more juice? I have changed back to the stock bucking, so it isn't an issue with the bucking. I am wondering if maybe it's the tappet plate or the tappet plate spring? I haven't open up the gearbox yet so I have no idea what the condition of the plate is. Any ideas would be great!
  2. Hello! I am wanting to change the stock bucking/nub out of my ICS-L85 AEG. I was thinking a Prometheus Purple or a Systema with a Element H-Nub? Kind of at a loss with some many types out there, was just wanting to know what you guys would recommend and which to avoid. Cheers!
  3. Kye

    ICS L85 Overhopping

    The filing of the arm cup seems to have sorted the issue somewhat, it doesn't seem to be over-hopping as much as it was and there isn't any blocking of the barrel when it is turned on fully. There is still a curve when shooting so I think getting the metal arm made would be a good fix. Thank you for the link, your a gent!
  4. Kye

    ICS L85 Overhopping

    Aye, I tried to file down the hop up arm cup today. Didn't take much off. I assume I should not see any bucking at all with the hop up turned off? I am still have problems with shots curving to much and I cant really tell if to much hop is still been applied as my garden is long enough. I do see what you mean by the arm been twisted. The spring seems to pivot the arm to so it applies uneven pressure (Tilts towards the wheel) I am guessing this is why the shots are curving to the right? Is it possible to get a metal arm for this hop up?
  5. Kye

    ICS L85 Overhopping

    Thanks for the replies guys, think I'm just going to file the hop-up arm cup down and make it deeper, my thinking is that more hop will need to be applied to make contact with the nub, thus solving the issue of it still making to much contact with the hop all the way off, we will see. I have seen posts about putting glue/plastic somewhere near the hop up wheel to make the arm higher? No idea how to go about that idea.
  6. Kye

    ICS L85 Overhopping

    Aye, you can see the rubber in the barrel even with hop off, so it must be an issue with the arm applying to much hop even with the hop switched off. Just have to weigh it up and see how to slove the issue.
  7. Kye

    ICS L85 Overhopping

    Aye, I've just changed the bucking and nub and it hasn't made much difference. I have a feeling it could be the arm. There is a slight curve when shooting too, I suspect this is the arm putting un-even pressure on the nub. I'll get a picture for you as soon as I am free to do so. Did you just order a new arm?
  8. Hello, got this gun last week and I am having trouble with it overhopping even with the hop up turned off. Also with the hop up turned up its causing the gun to jam leading me to believe The hop up arm is pushing the nub to far into the bucking? I've only found a few topics regarding this and not sure how to tackle the problem. I thought maybe filing the arm a bit could help? Just don't want to bugger it up! Anyone got any suggestions or any advice on how you solved your overhop problem? Thanks!
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